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Myself playing a sunbust bass guitar.

Playing bass guitar alongside David on the keys in 2010. (Fun fact: this was at the first wedding I ever attended! :mrgreen: )

No one can argue – music is one of the most powerful elements in the entire universe. It is disentangling and engaging, moving and settling, determining and comforting all in the same package. I am pleased to say that by God’s grace I am a musician – a guitarist and a bassist.

I started learning the acoustic guitar when I was 7 years old at primary school, taught by a fantastic man called Mr Lane. For 2 years every Wednesday we would learn all kinds of different genres of songs, and I owe it to God for giving me this enigmatic teacher. 😀 Years later, after being Born Again and joining Lighthouse Chapel International, my youth church leader Amma D gave my the opportunity to play guitar for our youth church services. Then, Brother Andrew – possibly the greatest musician I have ever met – took an interest and me and taught me the bass guitar.

Since 2007, I have been playing bass for all of the main services in my church, for praise and worship, choir, and solo ministrations. I also do acoustic and bass guitar lessons for Christians and children. In addition, my friend Jonathan and I formed the evangelistic duet the Grapes – and you can check out our recordings on YouTube by clicking here. 🙂

Good and Evil In Music

Two things I know from this verse – music can put an evil spirit in you, or it can fill you with the well-natured, refreshing, and good Holy Spirit. I have a strong conviction about listening to music by unbelievers. Some of the lyrics are not good, and against God’s word. Personally only listen to good Christian music and I recommend that any Christian does the same. (And I don’t mean ‘preacher’ or ‘minister’. I mean anyone who calls themselves a Christian should.) In a nutshell, songs that promote sin by popular artists like Rihanna, Tupac, Justin Beiber… they may sound enthralling, but as you listen to their songs repeatedly you will be filled with ideas that are against God’s will. It can lead you to do things against God’s will. Do you want to go to hell just because of some jammin’ unspiritual music?

Decide today to put more of Christ in your life by expanding your collect of Christian music. Give yourself the best chance to know and love God by watching your choice of music. Check out Andrae Crouch, Cece Winans, Hillsong, Kirk Franklin, Tommy Walker, Keith Green, Bethel and be filled with the Holy Spirit… It’s a message!

Guitar and Bass Videos

You will only get better by copying others! Here’s a little collection of acoustic guitar and bass videos inspire me to push further and harder on the instruments for The Lord.

In 2012, the Major of London introduced Gigs – a busking competition. Jonathan, my partner in the Grapes, took part and played across London with his Vintage guitar. This is a video of him in the studio for Gigs singing Above All.
Watch here:

Psalm 145 Cover by Josh Fredette
Introduced to me by my friend Hannah, this cover of Shane and Shane’s Psalm 145 is a great one. It’s a video you have to slow down and learn – that’s how skilled this player is. Lovely to listen to. Check it out.
Watch here:

Abe Laboriel Bass Solo
Abe Laboriel is one of the world’s most gifted bassists, and one of my favourites introduced to me by Brother Andrew. You can tell the man really feels the instrument inside of him, and has the skill to interpret what he is feeling, unlike a lot of us. Watch him do his stuff in one of my most challenging videos.
Watch here:

Bass Tutorial Videos by Me

One day, my friend David decided to video me doing some bass guitar tutorials (on a kid size bass, no less). I never realised that he seriously put them up. Well, here they are! Hope they help you in your bass guitar endeavours.

Finger Exercises
Exercises to get your finger speed happening to make those fast bass riffs we all love.
Watch here:

Fingering Techniques
Which fingers and when to use them? All in this video.
Watch here:

Major Scale
Playing and understanding the major scale.
Watch here:

Minor Scale
Playing and understanding the minor scale.
Watch here:


Posted 31st March 2011 by ukrichardwalker

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