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Christianity is Like a Video Game. You’ve Got to Work At It Until You’re Good At It!   Leave a comment

For those of you wanting to be a deeper Christian, maybe struggling with to put good habits in your life, perhaps looking at others and questioning whether you’re serious or not, this article is for you.


Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive/Genesis. I had to work on it until I could beat every level and win every emerald as well! (I wanted to show off by playing longer and take a picture later, but I thought you’d recognise this picture quicker.)

In 1998, my mother bought me a Sega Mega Drive for Christmas! Oh how I remember hooking that bad boy up to the 14 inch TV and playing Sonic the Hedgehog in all his bright, 16-bit glory! But I didn’t just have that to play, I had 5 other games to satisfy my gaming hunger. One game caught my eye – Super Monaco GP. It’s a racing game and I like driving games, so I gave it a try. The first race was in San Marino, and from the moment the klaxon sounded I flew down that course for the first 20 seconds. I could almost feel the wind in my curly Jamaican hair. A sharp left turn approached, so I pulled my car left and… crashed. Hardcore. I proceeded to do this about 1000 times for a few years, sometimes being lucky enough to survive, but for the most part I had died in several car crashes in the Super Monaco Grand Prix universe.

Fast forward to 2010 (roughly), and I still had my Mega Drive, and my copy of Super Monaco GP. I had been Born Again and busy with that for sometime, but I had some free days, so I picked up the iconic Mega Drive controller and began to play. And to my amazement, I finished the game. Top billing in both seasons, and completed all 32 races (even the baloney 17th and 18th races with that jerk G. Ceara), something I had never been able to.

You’ve seen the article’s title so you can guess what happened. Somewhere in-between ’98 and ’10 was a lot of playing, learning, and wising up. (Albeit not for 12 years straight, but work with me.) I worked at Super Monaco GP until I got good at it, even though I started out not being able to make it beyond the 1st few races. My Christian friend, you might have started out not being able to make it beyond some hurdles in your faith. Like reading the Bible everyday, or going to church consistently. Perhaps you find it difficult to stop boozing and partying, or watching pornography. Well, I want you to know if you work at it, you will become good at it.

Rather, you must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
All glory to him, both now and forever! Amen.
2 Peter 3:18 (New Living Translation)

By working at it, I’m talking in part about feeding yourself spirituality so that you can grow. Did you know that you can grow spiritually? Nobody starts off a skilled giant in the lifetime walk of Christianity, it takes growth, and growth takes time and feeding. Have you seen a 6 foot tall baby boy in the new born baby ward at hospital, complete with a beard and a mortgage? (If you have, send me a picture and I’ll include it on the next Richie Rich Show.) It takes time and feeding to the child before he becomes a man. Similarly, the Bible talks about as new born babies (or new, young people in the Christian faith) we should desire the sincere milk of the word so that we will grow. It takes time and feeding on the Word of God before certain problems fall out of our lives, and we become spiritual grown-ups.

Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment,
1 Peter 2:2 (New Living Translation)

If you want to pray more and for a long time, you’ve got to work at it.
If you want to understand more of God’s Word, you’ve got to work at it.
If you want to seek God on a daily basis, you’ve got to work at it.
If you want to win more souls in your workplace or school, you’ve got to work at it.
If you want to escape any strongholds or bad thoughts in your mind, you’ve got to work at it.
If you want freedom from substance abuse, pornography, or other addictive behaviour, you’ve got to work at it.

Work at it it, until you’re good at it.

This is Super Monaco GP - one of my favourite games to play. Look at those cutting edge graphics! (Note: compliment may contain sarcasm.)

This is Super Monaco GP – one of my favourite games to play. Look at those cutting edge graphics! (Note: compliment may contain sarcasm.)

As it relates to the video games, I had to kick about in the dirt, doing all I could with my limited ability. I crashed several hundred times on those sharp corners on Super Monaco GP until I learned that you have to take your foot off the acclerator before you turn your car. My car fell apart several times before I realised it is wise to pit in early and fix up the car, rather than risking the whole race on worn out tyres and low fuel. I learned because I refused to give up playing and I wanted to work at it. You will learn and grow as a Christian if you refuse to give up, and will work at it until you’re good at it. If you keep praying, reading the Word, loving your church and loving others, your connection to God will grow as much as you want it to, and He will help you through every trial and temptation.

I have a friend who used to drink and smoke weed. Now, you would never believe they were ever deeply into this lifestyle if you met them today, that’s how far they’ve come in Christ. They would describe their dropping of those habits as instantaneous as they desired more of The Lord. I used to wonder vividly, ‘why do they get to escape these problems so easily and I’m stuck here like a dog chasing it’s tail’? Maybe you’ve asked yourself similar questions. Well I soon learned this is not a good way of thinking because…

  • By comparing yourself to others you will think there is something wrong with you when there is nothing wrong at all. Looking at other people sometimes makes you think you are not a real Christian because ‘they are so good’. Take this person I mentioned, although these very obvious problems may have ceased quickly in their life, there were other strongholds that needed breaking down that are not easily seen. Here’s a truth about weaknesses: not everyone can see them, and not everyone can see them all the time. Never, EVER believe that ‘everyone around me seems stronger than I am’. The truth is everyone is weak but not everyone appears to weak at the same time. Some people in your church will appear very strong this Sunday afternoon, and Sunday evening sadly will appear very weak with no-one watching. This is a reason why it is not wise to compare yourself to others. (2 Corinthians 10:12) Go at your pace. In His time, He will make your life beautiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)
  • When it comes to enforcing new Christian habits and fighting temptations, problems do not stop just like that. The fight of our lives as Christians is to firmly establish good habits like praying and reading the Bible, and to cut off the bad habits like lying, pre-marital sex, blah blah. Here’s another truth: it is easier to form bad habits than to shake them off. Most people with an addiction problem suffer from intense cravings in their bodies, even years after having grace to give it all up. Jesus does not wave a magic wand at your addictions and temptations and make them vanish. Even this person I mentioned, who I envied for a while for the grace in their life, went back to their vices once or twice, as they told me. You are forgiven by God of your sins through Jesus, but you don’t get off scot-free – you need to learn discipline your body. Start planning HOW and WHEN you will read the Bible, pray, fast, go to church so that you can grow. If you have an addiction, start learning about your issue formally (in support meetings, talking to your pastor) or informally (reading books on your issue in your own time). You can do it!
  • You have no business thinking about others – your priority is your own relationship with God. I’m not saying be selfish and don’t think about others. I’m saying that the Bible says examine yourself, not your friends. (2 Corinthians 13:5) If the thoughts you think about others begin with ‘why are they more’, your mind is breeding jealousy. Jealousy does not come from the Holy Spirit! If someone is ‘more spiritual’ than you, why do you care? Think about YOU! Christianity is not a rat race; we’re not trying to beat each other to the Lord’s throne. It is a relationship with God where you speak to Him, He speaks to you, and you live together connected. So look at yourself and ask yourself hard questions instead of envying others. If you know what you need to do to bring yourself closer to God, why don’t you just man up and do it?

This is where WORKING AT YOUR CHRISTIANITY comes in. You might be useless at resisting temptation now, you might think you’re rubbish at praying now, you might not understand a lot of the Bible now, you may not be able to keep up in church now, but LATER you will be better if you keep working at your Christianity. Never give up!

As I mentioned earlier, comparing yourself gets you nowhere. The key problem with comparing yourself to another person’s progress is that you don’t focus on your own progress. You will start thinking you’re not growing fast enough in God when actually, you’re growing just fine and even God Himself is pleased with you. Imagine that – the Creator of the universe delights in how much you’re trying to live for Him, and all you can do is moan about how ‘easy’ someone else has it. It’s not even true! It’s time to let your eyes look straight ahead and focus on where you’re going with your own life. (Proverbs 4:25)

Conversely, if you have been a Christian for a while and you don’t have much depth, you need to start asking yourself some hard questions. Why should a baby remain under 3 feet tall for 30 years? Is it not a disease? Is your Christianity diseased? ‘Going at your own pace’ is not code for doing what you want, when you can be bothered to do it. You’ve got some growing to do, which means you’ve got some feeding to do. What is your connection to with God like – frequent or in frequent? Why have you not upgraded from praying for 10 minutes every 10 days? Why don’t you understand any more or less about God’s Word than 2 years ago? And do you want to go to hell after calling yourself a Christian? Again I challenge you: you’ve got some growing to do, which means you’ve got some feeding to do.

With all that said, it’s not bad to take inspiration from those ahead of you. Inspiration is not the same as comparison – inspiration means to be aroused to do special or unusual activity. Look at your friends qualities and be encouraged that if they can be holy, you can be holy too. I’m comfortable saying that I now take inspiration from the person I mentioned earlier. What a fine person they are! What an encouragement their life and story is to me! :mrgreen:

I think it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work on our walk with God. What do you think? 🙂

How To Work At Your Christianity

I’ve been saying to work on your Christianity like I worked on my Super Monaco GP racing game. So, how do you do it? Where do you start?

Another Super Monaco GP shot. I remember all the frustrating times I had on this as a kid... Until I worked on it!

Another Super Monaco GP shot. I remember all the frustrating times I had on this as a kid… Until I worked on it!

I won’t give you a big elaborate answer because the battle itself is big and elaborate. If you’re asking me for a few bullet points on how to work at your Christianity, I will say it all lies in daily prayer, daily Bible reading, very regular church attendance and obeying what God says you should do. What should you cut off to survive as a Christian? According to Hebrews 12:1, any sinful nature and anything that puts a weight on your Christianity. There are very obvious things even a worldly person like lying, stealing, fornicating, blaspheming, drunkeness, jealousy, blah blah. Then there things you will only understand once God reveals it to you personally when you study his Word.

What should you work on first? It’s debatable, but look at your weaknesses and at least make sure you working on the biggest one. the biggest one. Also, make sure that whatever you do, don’t disconnect yourself from God. Yes, you might have watched some porn during the week but God is still interested in you. Don’t stay home from church, and don’t stop praying. God is still interested in you.

So go for it! Start implementing things one by one. The truth is you may not win every battle. As I write this article, God is working on so much in me. I’m far from a perfect craft, but here’s a quote from Every Young Man’s Battle:

Sure, you’re anxious to win. Sure, you want to put this stuff behind you. But it’s not as important to focus on some self-imposed deadline as it is to focus on where you’re headed. This is going to be a battle – a battle that will demand your time and patience.
Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, Every Young Man’s Battle

The goal is to move closer to God. Whatever your methodology, whether you’re trying to increase your church going, trying to pray more or trying to cut off some friends and habits, keep that on mind. Every time things don’t go your way, get up and come back even stronger. Learn from your mistakes! For example, a large part of my battle for sexual purity is simply remembering where and when I fell, and religiously avoiding them in future. If you don’t make it very far in 2 months, so what? Don’t give in to the enemy’s lies, and persevere at holiness.

Most of all, it is the grace of God that allows. All the strategies and manoeuvres are just self-help tips without God’s input, and self-help always fails eventually. But the Bible says it is not he who wills or runs, but whom God has mercy on who succeeds. (Romans 9:16) The Bible says it is not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit (grace) of God. (Zechariah 4:6) The Bible says commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3) Trust in God by praying and always involving Him in everything you do, and don’t lean too much on what you know. After all, what do you know anyway? (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Knowing the Word of God is crucial. When you feed on the Word of God, you are working at your Christianity. People say ‘you are what you eat’ – well, what does your spirit eat? Spiritual junk or spiritual food from the Bible? Some easy ways to feed on the Word of God:

  • Go to a Bible-believing church every week and listen intently to the preaching. Take notes of the verses. Take notes of the good sayings. Take notes of things you didn’t understand. Stop going on Facebook and reading messages. Stop sleeping during services. Church is not a dormant, inactive place to attend, tick a box with God and say, ‘I did it this week, alright?’ Church is where we learn from God’s servant by the Word of God. Use it wisely.
  • Be devoted to reading your Bible everyday. Have what some like to call a ‘quiet time’ or a ‘daily devotional’ everyday where you sit, pray, study some scriptures, learn from the Word, and let God speak to you. God will speak to you foundationally through His word – not Tupac, not EastEnders, not Justin Beiber, but the BIBLE. Get more Bible time in your life! If you are too busy to read the Bible, even just a little, you’re too busy! Sorry!
  • Read Christian books regularly, especially books at your level and books about things you are interested in. Being a new born baby and eating KFC is not a good idea – if you are a new Christian or in need of growth Christian, get fundamental books because your issues are foundational. (And a foundation is the most important part of a building.) Then read books on topics of the faith that interest you. I like biographies of men of God because I want to be a minister, so that’s what I buy. I can make you some recommendations if you leave me a comment.
  • Listen to sermons outside of church. Don’t be greedy for TV or YouTube. It’s a nice programme, but what does Britain’s Got Talent do for your spiritual growth? Bupkiss. Start buying and downloading preaching, start listening and fill yourself up with the Word of God. Study the Word of God on your own, with your own intiative. 90% of the things we hear are not kept in your brain on the initial hearing. You must hear it more than once, twice or 10 times if you want it in you!

In Conclusion…

I’m happy that at least before my Mega Drive croaked, I somewhat mastered Super Monaco GP. From not being able to get through the first sharp corner as a child to being able to top all 32 races as a man, it will forever be the example that proves my personal proverb – following Christ is like a video game. You’ve got to work at it, until you’re good at it.

I really enjoyed writing this article (and spontaeneously suspended video work), and I hope you’re understanding what the message is – don’t give in. Keep growing in the Lord. Got any questions or comments? Maybe you want some book or Bible reading recommendations? Leave me a comment below and let’s talk.

This is Mr First Class, and have a good 2014 y’all!


Confessions For a Christian Student in 2013 – 2014   Leave a comment

One day I will wear and hold these two things…

The school season is in full swing and my second year of uni is about to roll. Like last year, I thought I’d write a few confessions to speak over the next year, as death and life are in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21) Fellow follower of Jesus and studious pupil, you can join me in saying these confessions if you desire… 🙂

This year will be greater than the past year, and the year before that because my latter end will greatly increase. (Job 8:7)

My relationship with God will not decrease, and my church attendance will not fall off a cliff. It will be steady, and I will increase in favour with God and man. (Luke 2:52)

Like the ant that needs no supervision to do it’s work, I do not need supervision to work in my own time. I will study diligently in my free time. (Proverbs 6:6-8)

I will not sleep when I need to study. (Proverbs 6:9-11)

I will fulfil all of my deadlines; my yes will mean yes. (Matthew 5:37)

Because I wait on the Lord, my strength will be renewed day by day to study. I will not let tiredness be an excuse to not study. (Isaiah 40:31)

I enjoy learning, and I will increase my personal learning because I am wise. (Proverbs 1:5)

I have a mind to work!

I will study hard in Jesus’ name!

This is your regular host, Mr First Class. 😉

7 Years of Being Born Again! And Other Random Stuff   Leave a comment

This was my breakfast at work... No hash brown as I'm cutting down the deep fried stuff in my life.

This was my breakfast at work… No hash brown as I’m cutting down the deep fried stuff in my life.

I’m on my break and I thought I’d write a quick blog on how I am in the heart and mind, with some random bits.

17th of August I celebrated being Born Again by Christ for 7 years! I thank God fully! I wanted to write an article about it and what has kept me in the faith but I didn’t get around to finishing it. Maybe in September when I’m a bit less tied up…

I’ll just tell you anyway though – I have lasted 7 years in Christianity because of church. Who I am and what I do, I owe it all to church. Being a Christian without going to church is like driving a car without a key… It isn’t how the manufacturer intended it to run. Going to church every week has so many benefits. Staying at home and sometimes praying is NOT THE SAME. God has specific blessings for us when we gather together with other believers.

One of the benefits is joy. I’m so happy to be at church every week. No matter how my week has been, the house of God lifts me up again. The Notting Hill Carnival ended yesterday, with many young people getting plastered and running around after chicks in sexy clothes. But you don’t need that to be happy as a Christian. You can be joyful in the house of God! There ain’t no party like the Holy Ghost party, cuz the Holy Ghost party don’t stop… 😉

I’m not very happy at the moment. Today I arrived to work extremely late to work. No one is punishing me (yet) but of course, I am only costing myself money. In fact, I haven’t been on time to work in about 2 weeks. On top, yesterday was not a brilliant day either. I left work without having a meeting I was scheduled for because I was shattered. I had to buy overpriced fast food as I was so hungry and after oversleeping in a nap, I missed a bass guitar lesson I was giving. Then of course, I was late again today by 40 minutes.

I’m a huge melancholic and I pay attention to time, so being late and missing meetings is really disappointing to me personally. One thing I have learned from wrestling is not to be late and unprepared. When John Cena, CM Punk and other wrestlers have a WWE show starting at 7pm, they arrive at the arenas from hours beforehand, sometimes 5 whole hours before showtime. Nobody strolls in 10 minutes before their match. Attention to detail like that is why WWE is a successful, reliable business. And when people in the world do good things that Christians often don’t, it really irks me.

In my mind I always strive to be on time or early, but I have backslidden in that area. Tiredness must not be an excuse anymore! I have to strive for excellence again in punctuality to church, to work, for uni lectures and deadlines, and every meeting.

At the moment, I’m leaning on Psalm 23. My situation isn’t exactly comparable to death, but I will not fear any evil as I pass through this valley. God will lead me onto his paths of righteousness, in Jesus’ name. I will improve, and I will make it onto the other side and laugh again. 🙂

-On a lighter note, I missed four calls yesterday – two from one number, two from another. I called back the second number and someone was asking me (with my name!) if I had any weed for him. Weed. After I said ‘I think you have the wrong number dude.’ He said something about ‘dude’ and hung up abruptly. Umm… Ok then. Upon reflection, I decided not to call the first number back.

-Sunday at church, a soul I met on evangelism came to church and was Born Again by Jesus Christ. Later that day he moved into a new hostel. It is a touching story of homelessness, addiction and redemption through the love of Jesus Christ. I will never stop preaching about heaven and hell, and the love shown to us by God. Perhaps I’ll tell you this man’s whole story one day.

-I recently opened the Guitar and Bass portal on the blog (click here to jump to it!), and I have some more new ideas for Christian content. How about… A monthly poll for the blog. Maybe a Christian book of the month too? I used to love these sorts of things on my old Mortal Kombat website, so let’s try it out soon! As for new videos as well, let’s just say… #4 is coming, and so is The Richie Rich Show. 😀 Stay tuned.

Well, I gotta finish my break. This has been your regular host… Mr First Class! :mrgreen:

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Why Young Christians Should Have Clean Rooms   3 comments

An unclean bedroom.

The state of your bedroom says much about you… more than what you eat or what deodorant you use!

As long as I’ve had a room, my mother has always told me to clean it. (In fact, she told me to before she left home today.) Of course, being a stereotypical growing boy, I didn’t try too hard at it. Not that I didn’t want a clean room, but it was just too much hassle. Besides, sometimes I liked living in a mess. 😀 As time has worn on though, I have seen the need for my personal bubble to be as clean as possible. As a Christian, it actually bears importance to my faith. I have seen a correlation between my happiness and the state of my abode over the years.

I started writing this article on my phone at work a few years ago, thinking about exactly why I need to keep a clean room. (Ironically, I’m finishing this at work years later – albeit in a new job.) With a few scriptures here and there, I give you some spiritual reasons why you and I would want to have a clean bedroom

1. It shows that you are faithful in things unseen.

Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in MY PRESENCE ONLY, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
Philippians 2:12

A clean bedroom is a good and helpful thing for anyone. Just because a lot of people are not seeing the state of my room, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a lot of attention. I don’t know about you, but masses of people don’t waltz into my room demanding to see if it is spick and span. Way more people visit my Facebook page than have ever seen my bedroom. So it would make more sense to maintain my Facebook page right? Well actually, the things we don’t see are as important as the things we see, and sometimes more important. You may not see your liver or your large intestine, but they play a more vital role to your life and well-being than your leg, even though your leg is home to one of the largest muscles in the body. If you don’t take care of your unseen parts, your life will fall apart gradually.

Hey, I’m not saying ‘if you don’t clean your room, you’re going to die’. I’m saying that if you maintain the parts unseen of your life (which include your bedroom), it will improve your standing the more you do it. No-one may applaud you for having a clean bedroom, but someone will when eventually that good habit leads to good things for you. When you are trustworthy with things that not many people pay attention to, you will move beyond average and into excellency.

2. It gives the devil less opportunity to work in your life.

Neither give place to the devil.
Ephesians 4:27

One day I had an unforgettable conversation with my pastor. He gave me a piece of advice – to clean my room, and to clean my environment. He was advising me on stress, as i was having a lot of stress related problems at the time – to the point that i was admitted to a hospital just because of stress. He said it would improve my state of mind. I have found it to be true.

When your room is clean, you give less opportunity to stress yourself. The devil may use your unclean bedroom against you! Nothing is too trivial for Satan to use against you. When your room is clean, you know where to find your belongings. You don’t trip over and break things. You don’t have your parents on your neck all the time, wondering when you will grow up. These are just some avenues Satan can try to halt your Christian walk. Help yourself and give no place to the devil!

On the flip side, a clean bedroom may give God more opportunity to be in you. Maybe it’s just me,  but I feel like praying more in my room when it is pristine clean. I feel like studying the Word of God in a clean habitat. A clean bedroom may even bring you closer to the Lord! Try it!

3. It means you could be a good bishop someday.

A bishop then must be… One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)
1 Timothy 3:2,4-5

Whether you have a whole house or a whole room to look after, the Bible says a bishop must be a person capable of looking after it. Your bedroom looking like an explosion went off is not a good indicator of your ability to look after things. Will you leave God’s house in a similar mess one day as a priest or pastor? Or will you buckle up now, clean your abode, and prove yourself worthy of your calling in more ways than one?

4. It means you truly believe that unseen things are important.

A faithful, sensible servant is one to whom the master can give the responsibility of managing his other household servants and feeding them. If the master returns and finds that the servant has done a good job, there will be a reward. I tell you the truth, the master will put that servant in charge of all he owns.But what if the servant is evil and thinks, ‘My master won’t be back for a while,’ and he begins beating the other servants, partying, and getting drunk? The master will return unannounced and unexpected, and he will cut the servant to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Matthew 24:45-51 (New Living Translation)

In this story, we have two kinds of servants; a faithful and unfaithful one. The difference between the two is the good servant believed in following something he couldn’t see, and the evil servant didn’t believe. They both can’t see their master, but a good servant continues doing as his master commands even with his master (and the master’s judgment) out-of-sight, seemingly never to return.  Similarly, if I keep my bedroom clean, it can mean I pay attention to do unseen good things without someone’s judgment. As I have said before, no-one is judging me frequently on my the state of my room now (not even my mother, really), so I can do what I want. But if I can maintain a tidy habitat, that is an example to others, then it means I don’t need judgment, as I am judging myself already.

Have you noticed that some people only maintain things that can people can see, but don’t maintain the things people don’t see? Those people, to me, are dangerous. A woman who can make herself beautiful for all men to see, but can’t bath herself or cook for one man? Dangerous. A person who can pray for hours in a public gathering but has little to say to God in his own time? Dangerous. A person who can’t read the Bible in the week to save his life but will make the most noise on Sundays during church? Mighty dangerous.  Time for you and I to be real, to put importance on the right things.

5. It means you have time for the things unseen.

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Matthew 6:6

Get this right if you get nothing else: God is most interested in what you do behind closed doors. Eg. He is interested in if you pray alone sincerely or if you only in pray church, in front of others. He is interested if you love most music that worships Him or if you truly love Justin Beiber’s, Michael Jackson’s, or Rihanna’s. Why? Because the heart is unseen, just like your real intentions.

Similarly, your room is a secret thing. If your life in front of people is spectacular and your secret life (including your room) is not so spectacular, aim to make sure that both worlds are similar.

6. It means you are not double minded.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
James 1:8

No escaping the truth here. If I have one mind towards one thing and a different mind towards another, I’ll be unstable in every way gradually. Have the same mind towards everything! If you’re going to be a Christian, be a Christian at church and in your home as well. Have a stable looking bedroom, and a stable looking life.

The state of your bedroom silently shows the state of your mind. If you have a disorganised room, it is likely that your mind is not organised and you are not getting things done. Could that be the reason behind some of your unsuccesses? I know it has played a part in some of mine.

What does your bedroom say about you that no-one else can say?

7. It means you are capable of making time.

Coursework takes time. Revision needs your devotion. You need more than a moment to travel around during the week, and you certainly need time to pray to the Lord your God. Everything takes time. If you can find the time to clean up your room and maintain it, perhaps there are other good things you can make time for?…

8. It means God can promote you (in work, in marriage, in ministry, etc.).

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?
Luke 16:10-11

A person who is loyal and committed with supposedly little to gain is someone who can be trusted with more. Why do you think voluntary work impresses employers? Because it shows a passion for the job and not for the money.

Looking after your space is a little thing, because most of the people in your life really don’t care whether your room is a bomb or not. But if you can be faithful with a little thing, perhaps God can trust you with more in the future. If you can take care of one room… Maybe one God can give you 10 bedrooms one day!

I sincerely hope you got the point… Clean your room. :p What do you think? Leave me a comment here on the blog, or on my Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube pages. Until next time, this is your regular host, Mr First Class!

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