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The LIVE Episode – Richie Rich Show   Leave a comment

The LIVE episode was cray, crazee, and CRAZY FUN make. We bought cakes, a new webcam, and a jumper for the contest winner, all together about £40. Was it worth it? Damn right it was.

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How To Do More Evangelism – Richie Rich Show   Leave a comment

While making this evangelism clip I got to do two great things: 1) think about God’s grace in my life to keep doing outreaches and 2) run around like an idiot.

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23 Shoutout Special! – Richie Rich Show   Leave a comment

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Wedding of Michael/Phoebe & McCollins/Lindalin – Richie Rich Show   Leave a comment

Filming the weddings of fans of the Richie Rich Show was so cool, and I am blessed to share these happy days with you. 🙂

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25 Facts About Me For My 25th Birthday! – Richie Rich Show   Leave a comment

This took me 6 hours to shoot, edit, and upload. All on my 25th birthday by God’s grace… that’s a little bit of a record for me! 😀

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Anger Management – Richie Rich Show   Leave a comment

I love the kids who did voice acting here so much! ❤ Learn to control your anger the Christian way – I’ve needed this ‘technique’ many times.

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Richie Rich Show – Episode 19 – Technology’s Good & Bad Side   2 comments

This show a took a while to finish but it’s been a blessing. 🙂

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What’s happening with Youth Camp: The Movie?   Leave a comment

Youth Camp: The Movie 4

No green to be seen - now going true blue and orange. (Nothing rhymes with orange, just so you know.)

Since July, I’ve been unusually silent about the next Youth Camp: The Movie, and I just wanted to let you know what’s up and offer an explanation. Firstly, the next video will definitely be called Youth Camp: The Movie 4. You may remember I had another movie planned called YCTM: I Am The Lord in June? It was going to be a compilation of unused footage from previous years of Spirit-filled camps. I started making it and realised I was going to have to rush it to finish on my deadline, so I stopped. Then I went to the LCI UK Youth Camp at the end of July, and I decided to go with YCTM4.

The plan for YCTM4 is to use video from 2011’s UK Youth Camp and the unused footage from the last 3 years of camps. The logo is like the orange themed t-shirt we were presented, over there on the right. I made an advertisement the night after returning from camp in July (Click here to view it on YouTube if you haven’t seen now) and have had nothing to say about the movie since.

Why so silent? I really don’t want to rush this movie, so I have no deadline for it. Of course I have an aim, but I don’t want to make any public dates. What can happen with a deadline is I can put pressure on myself to finish, and resort to a rushed production. That’s what happened with Youth Camp: The Movie 2 in 2009 – I put high pressure on myself one. The result was a disjointed movie that never had an ending; a video I’m not particularly happy with. I want YCTM4 to be the best movie yet, for God’s sake and for you. I want to give you my best!

I’ve been steadily settling into a new career path as a teacher, evangelising in London, amongst other things. I haven’t had the time to give YCTM4 the attention I’d like. But I refuse to raise anyone’s expectations by saying ‘it will come out on X’, and when X day approaches having only a rushed lump-of-nothing movie, or no movie at all.  All I really have to say about YCTM4 for now is when it is ready, it will be ready, anointed, and a worthy Christian movie.

The 2011 UK Youth Camp with Pastor Jino Mills-Odoi was incredible. I feel really privileged to have spent time in such a thick presence of God, demonstrating in powerful wisdom and counselling in the preaching from. Seeking God there was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I only want YCTM4 to reflect this power.

When YCTM4  is nearer completion, I won’t hesitate to let you know about it. 🙂

I don’t usually say this to anyone, but pray for me!

View the Youth Camp: The Movie 4 advertisement on YouTube from July.

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