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My Year of Reading – My Undisputed Best Book of 2011   Leave a comment

A picture of my friend and I holding our copies of the Art of Leadership.

Totally stole this from Anna T's blog. 😀

If there was a contest for my favourite book in 2011, only one would get the 1st prize medal, trophy, and vacation to Hawaii… I’m talking about the Art of Leadership by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills! This nugget of 123 chapters is simply my favourite book in the world. No other book reaches into my soul and connects with my character like this one.

The Year of Reading (2011) may be over, but the lessons I’ve learned from Bishop Dag’s AOL will guide me through life. And the best part? We don’t have to wait for another Year of Reading. We can read the AOL and fellowship with Bishop anytime! 😀

You must have communion with other great leaders through their books. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 18)

It’s a blessing to have a chance to talk with great Christians through books. God bless Bishop Dag for being a tremendous, Spirit-filled author. May he increase in leadership wisdom, and strength to fulfil his calling in Jesus’ name.

Hope y’all have had a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a powerful start to 2012. 🙂


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My Year of Reading – Week 43, 44, and 45   Leave a comment

A selection of Dag Heward-Mills' books in a black bookstand.

Books, beautiful books... I need knowledge!

About time to review some more Christian books I’ve been reading in 2011. From the topics of ministry to masturbation (I shouldn’t say it?) – here are some of the most impacting bites I’ve read in the last three weeks. Hope they bless you as much as I’ve been advised and encouraged.

Profane language defiles the person speaking and defiles the hearers as well.

You become more carnal and godless as you allow your tongue to keep speaking indecent things. – Dag Heward-Mills, Poison: Taming the Tongue

I was on a Christian friend’s Twitter this week, and seeing his tweets lined with swear words prompted me to read up on using profane language. And there it is from the mouth of a Bishop – I become more godless the more you swear. I should learn to restrain my tongue, and so should you! Don’t be angry with me, I didn’t say it.

Sooner or later, you pay the price and experience the consequence of compromise. – Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, Every Young Man’s Battle

I’m learning the hard way in life, there are no shortcuts. If you compromise your Christian life (i.e. refuse to pray, don’t read the Bible, masturbate and fornicate, ignore instructions from God, and more), God will forgive you, but you will pay for it. You may have to live with a bad memory, a physical price like an illness, or something. Sins are best left behind.

…Anyone who claims to be doing the work of the ministry must rise up and repeatedly do the important tasks of a shepherd. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

These few quotes are for aspiring Christian leaders. I met some evangelists one night a few weeks ago, and seeing their outreach schedule encouraged me to consult Bishop Dag’s book Lay People – one of my favourite books ever. This quote is helping me come to terms with the repeated actions of an evangelism ministry – praying, preaching, following up, and more praying! Ministry work is for the Lord, but it is still work – it is done over and over, almost industrially.

We don’t pray just because we feel like it. We pray because we have to! We must rise up early and intercede for the people God has given to us. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

Intercession: it doesn’t exist because you feel like someone needs it. People need prayer whether you feel it or not. Want to be a shepherd? Whether you feel it or not, pray for your sheep! Their blood may be required at your hands.

In every field, the supervised person is paid less than the unsupervised person. Decide to be a shepherd or lay pastor who does not need to be told what to do, when to pray, and whom to counsel. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

Someone who doesn’t need a certain level of guidance is valuable. To increase your value, decrease your dependence on man.

Finally, God told [Jack] Coe that he needed to use wisdom and get proper rest. So he obeyed and was revitalized to puruse a stronger ministry to the sick. – Roberts Liardon, God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed

Rest is not for the weak. To know God properly and certainly to serve Him, you must be healthy enough to even hear what He says. Even if you can’t rest in a conventional way, you must rest and get enough. Simple simple.

Sometimes if insecurity prevails in a ministry, the person will either withdraw or go overboard to prove his worth. – Roberts Liardon, God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed

I’ve felt terribly insecure before in church amongst my peers, so this quote resonates with me. I’ve learned something important – don’t take any decisions based on emotions. Feeling insecure about something can propel me to say something stupid or take a regrettable task. In the case of ministry, I can stop doing ministry work out of hurt (withdraw) or lie about my success (go overboard to prove my worth). In fact, I might write a quick article on this topic.

A leader is a survivor.

Leadership includes surviving everything that is thrown at you.

Be harder than everything that comes against you. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 49)

If I’m going to be a Christian leader, I’m going to have to be a survivor. Though I will face hard things, I will have to be harder.

When masturbation is a sin, it’s not an end-of-the-world kind of sin that should drive a guy into deeper isolation.

If masturbation is done in a sinful way, it’s not something that should elicit deep shame.

God isn’t a Father who shames His children. – Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, Every Young Man’s Battle

Be encouraged. Don’t be ashamed if you are a Christian trying to break out of masturbation, or a similar sexual sin. Jesus loves you anyway. You will make it eventually, just don’t quit – survivors don’t quit. 🙂

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My Year of Reading – Week 40, 41, and 42   Leave a comment

Finally, a semi-cleaned bookshelf!

Oh how I would love just one of Bishop Dag’s new books! Well, having no cash will do that to ya. :/ No excuse to stop reading though, so the Year of Reading and the thirst for knowledge continues! Here are some of the best things I’ve read in Christian books over the last few weeks. Lots of arts in this one! 😀

If you go into the lives of gifted pianists, golfers, soccer players, etc., you will discover the long hours of hard work that go to make them what they are. This is why the Scripture teaches us to work hard. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Shepherding

I always look at secular professions, saying to myself, ‘If this person can work this hard for a perishable crown, I can work harder for Christ’s sake.’ I look into the lives of superstars from the WWE, and I see how much guys like Triple H and John Cena train, travel, endure and work hard just for professional wrestling. I say if they can do it for a corrupitble crown (1 Corinthians 9:24), then I can certainly work harder to know God and to win souls.

This is part of the philosophy that convinced me to give my life to Christ way back in August 2006, this so this is a big piece of my heart. Hey, maybe I’ll write a quick article about it sometime…

Take the evangelistic line of ministry. You could do the work of an evangelist, but that does not mean you are in the office of an evangelist. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Hearing

According to this book, there are four levels of service to God: doing the work, having a gift, having a ministry, and occupying an office. I was mostly trying to see where I am at with my attempts at evangelism. What level am I on? How far do I have to go?

Divine authority is not claimed by the apocryphal authors; and by others it is virtually disowned. – Dag Heward-Mills, Quiet Time

This is one of the major reasons why the Apocrypha is rejected as a part of the Bible. Look it into it further, and next time someone tells you to go look up 1 Maccabees or 2 Edras, tell them that the authors claimed no inspiration of God!

Survival is a central theme of the ministry. All of the ministers must have a survival mentality. God did not promise us an easy road when we chose to serve Him. God expects us to survive after the attacks are over. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 49)

My pastor sent me a text involving survival during this period, so I read What Have You Survived?, the 49th chapter of the Art of Leadership. 🙂 If I want to be a pastor one day, I have to will need the fortitude to survive a lot of things.

I was portrayed as a cult leader and a lunatic. Those were difficult moments, but I came through. I have survived these hateful persecutions and I am still around by the grace of God.

A leader is supposed to be a survivor. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 49)

Will I be still around after many years in the Christian walk? By grace. 🙂

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My Year of Reading – Week 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39   Leave a comment

A picture of my bookshelf.

What my bookshelf currently looks like... it needs a clean!

The Year of Reading is rolling on, and here are some quotes from some super-powerful Christian books I’ve had my nose in for the last five weeks. Hope something you find something inspirational! 🙂

A disciplined person who has consistent prayer and personal Bible study shows a deep relationship with God. Without a personal relationship with God, you are going nowhere.Dag Heward Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

Beginning with one of my favourite books from my favourite author, this is the most important thing I’ve read in these few weeks. Probably the most crucial words I’ve read all year. Christianity is a personal relationship between a man and God through Jesus Christ. I must speak to God, and He must speak to me – that is a relationship! And without it, nothing is going to move forward in my life. I must strive to speak to God every day of my life. It is the most important thing.

I highly recommend Bishop Dag’s Lay People and the Ministry to any Christian minister, and any aspiring minister like myself, for it’s frank methods of ministry and lessons on a Christian leader’s conduct. Click here to buy Lay People and the Ministry from

People will believe in you because of your prayer life.

People do not follow prayerless leaders. Your private prayer will make people believe in you. – Dag Heward Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 114)

Soul-winning is a case where people may need to believe in you, so you can lead them to come to Jesus Christ. Well, I learned from this that I’m not leading anyone to Christ if I am prayerless. Simple simple!

So don’t be discouraged during your time of preparation. And don’t compare your call with the call of others. Each calling has its own timing and plan. Your faithfulness to the Word of God, along with ferverent spiritual preparation determines the timing. – Roberts Liardon, God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed

I’ve depressed myself in the past over people seemingly going further than I have in the faith, in terms of church positioning, fruit, etc. But there’s no use in that – everybody’s calling is different, and thusly my timing is different from everyone else’s. I must be preparing spiritually for higher things, never being discouraged by anyone’s ‘success’ along the way. God will lift me up in my season. (Psalm 1:3)

You must be planted in a local church and be established there.

For example, a student in campus does not study medicine today, law tomorrow, and geography the next day. He will gain nothing in the end. It is important to be stable and stay in one place. – Dag Heward Mills, Key Facts For New Christians

How true it is. I credit my a great percentage of my strength in the Christian faith to being planted in Lighthouse Chapel International, under great pastors like Reverend Michael Amoh. Just being stable in your church every Sunday and during the week will do you more good than running around to many churches.

Before (newsletters published by John G. Lake and his congregration) were mailed, church members would lay hands on them and pray that the pieces of literature would be filled with God’s Spirit. They believed the power of God would anoint the newsletter’s paper, just as it occured with the handkerchiefs of Paul. – Roberts Liardon, God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed

After reading this, I began praying over my tracts for evangelism as part of my preparations, as well as my loudspeaker and microphones. The last five weeks have seen some of my best fruits of my evangelism, and I think the prayer helped! 😀 One last quote from my total favourite book…

If you choose things that are hard and difficult instead of nice and easy, you will move forward very rapidly in life. A leader needs to move forward so that he can be one step ahead. It is only when you are a step-ahead that you are truly a leader. – Dag Heward Mills, The Art of Leadership

I need to do more hard and difficult things if I’m going to be a Christian leader one day…

I highly recommend Bishop Dag’s Lay People and the Ministry to any Christian minister, and any aspiring minister like myself, for it’s frank methods of ministry and lessons on a Christian leader’s conduct. Click here to buy Lay People and the Ministry from

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My Year of Reading – Week 34   3 comments

A book called Every Young Man's Battle by Stephen Arterburn

Awesome book for young Christian men.

We’re now into the last third of 2011, and the Year of Reading declared by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is still rolling, and so is my effort to read more Christian books this year. I didn’t read a lot as compared to other weeks (actually been reading more of the Bible), but here are a few quotes from a couple of power-packed Christian books I’ve had my nose in all the same. 😀

The temptation, however, is to fulfill these desires and attractions in a wrong way and go beyond a natural and normal outlook. That means viewing a girl more as an extremely interesting collection of body parts rather than as a precious child of God. We refuse to believe you don’t know the difference . You know when you’re thinking about her mostly as a pair of breasts walking by, and little else. – Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, Every Young Man’s Battle

And this is what we’re not supposed to give into. God wants no hint of sexual immorality, and checking out girls is as bad as ripping their clothes off to Him. If you understand what I’m saying, just buy this book now please.

The implication was that contiued sexual activity would hurt my intimacy with Christ. When you break His standards, the Lord doesn’t reject you, but you can’t be as close to Him. – Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, Every Young Man’s Battle

Sexual sin will stunt the growth of my relationship with God, and the presence of it means I will never know Jesus Christ as much as I possibly can. And that is a frustrating thought isn’t it? Praying, reading the Bible, going to church, evangelising, doing all of the good things… and then going to heaven and finding out I could’ve been 20x closer to God if I could’ve only stop fornicating or masturbating. It’s deep… I don’t want to swear!

Have you not noticed that every time you begin to pray, one hundred different “things to do” come to your mind?

When you decide to pray, you are saying that prayer will have a greater effect than all those physical things you have to do. – Dag Heward-Mills, Transform Your Pastoral Ministry

To me, that is the defining reason of prayer. When I pray, I’m saying to God that speaking to you and only to you is more worth my time than other things. Wow! Even I would be pleased if someone said that to me on earth. Perhaps that’s why people who spend time in prayer seem to be favoured.

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My Year of Reading – Week 30, 31, 32, and 33   Leave a comment

Books on a red book shelf.

What my book shelf currently looks like. (Have taken away some notebooks for more space!)

As the Year of Reading marches on, here are a quick selection of quotes from a couple of Christian books I’ve been reading over the last number few weeks. Bit by bit, I’m trying to fill myself with knowledge and wisdom from great people in the faith before me. I hope you’re blessed by these few quotes. Let’s dive in! 🙂

Dear friend, are you making the most use of the opportunities God is giving you? – Dag Heward-Mills, Frugality

Every ministry has a future. But we must believe in that future or we will never take the first step. Like (John Alexander) Dowie, we must determine to hold fast to the Word of God and fight for what is ours in the earth. – Roberts Liardon, God’s Generals: Why Some Succeeded and Why Some Failed

Whatever my God-given ministry is on this earth, I must fight to make it successful. I must make what God has given me to do work!

My pastor recommended the God’s Generals series to me a while ago, and I’m really been encouraged and warned by the examples in this book. I have already seen myself in the book! Any person serious about working for the Lord should read this book, I highly recommend it. Click here to buy God’s Generals: Why Some Succeeded and Why Some Failed now from Amazon.

If it seems you have hit a hard a place in your life or ministry, don’t whine or complain. Don’t offer your reasons for it. Pray!

Sister Etter groomed her spirit through prayer producing invincible strength. – Roberts Liardon, God’s Generals: Why Some Succeeded and Why Some Failed

Wow! Now’s the time to pray and prepare.

So mature revivalists must learn to care for their physical bodies. You can live out of your spirit, operate in the anointing, and get the rest you need. If you don’t, disaster is pending. – Roberts Liardon, God’s Generals: Why Some Succeeded and Why Some Failed

I can be a victim of this – not resting myself adequately and trying to plough through God’s work. I’m learning how to overcome it. 😀 There are many grave warnings and great examples in God’s Generals… Every young aspiring minister should get one!

Reading is a form of private interaction between yourself and another person. You can recieve an anointing as you read a book. – Dag Heward Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 18)

I can meet with the great Bishop Dag Heward-Mills whenever I want in my room when I read his books! No need to be sad if I don’t get to speak to him so much in person! One last powerful quote – an important key to shepherding:

When you get to the point where your own problems and burdens do not weigh you down, then you have taken the first step towards a genuine shepherdorial burden. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

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My Year of Reading – Week 28 and 29   Leave a comment

Two books; one called The Art of Leadership, and the other Causes of Backsliding.

Two of my favourite books lying on my bed instead of me. 😀

The year of reading continues! Here are a few quotes from a pair of Holy Spirit-filled books I’ve been reading over the last two weeks. Hope you’re blessed by them. 🙂

By the way, I strongly recommend you purchase Causes of Backsliding. Probably the best mini-sized book from Bishop Dag that I have. It really reveals the reality of those who survive in the Christian faith, and those who don’t. Click here to buy Causes of Backsliding by Bishop Dag now.

To lust after something is to have a strong, excessive desire for something.

If you have any strange lusts in you, you must kill them now, or they will grow up and take over your life. – Dag Heward-Mills, Causes of Backsliding

How true it is. Didn’t Amy Winehouse unfortunately die a couple of days ago? Didn’t she have some strong, excessive desires that eventually took over her life? I must kill every excessive desire in my life.

If you cannot wait for your God-given promotion, you are not a leader. – Dag Heward-Mills, AOL

A grave warning. If I don’t learn to wait, I’ll never be a leader.

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My Year of Reading – Week 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27   Leave a comment

My Year of Reading – inspired by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills – is a ongoing collection of quotes from Christian books that I’ve been reading so far in 2011. Here are some quotes from books I’ve been reading, and I hope they help your walk with God. By the way, has anyone noticed that we’re halfway through the Year of Reading now? 😀

A pair of books in my hand, no bigger than credit cards.

Small books the size of credit cards. I'm not showing you MY credit card to give you a comparison. 😉

Before I go on, I first want to thank God for inspiring Bishop Dag to manufacture pocket-sized versions of his Christian books. Their size is so encouraging to read, that I found myself reading a lot of my pocket-sized Causes of Backsliding book during the last month. Big books are mentally intimidating to read, especially if it’s on a topic you’re not very passionate about. But a book the size of a credit card? 30 pages? The size alone makes you want to read, because the possibility of finishing is so reachable. May the Lord bless Bishop Dag and LCI with more witty inventions to bring ourselves closer to Him.


Through experience, I have noticed that many Christians do not have deep roots. They do not know God for themselves. They cannot even explain why they do the things they do. – Dag Heward-Mills, Causes of Backsliding

Some born-again believers fall away because they do not know the difference between the true Gospel, and the beliefs of sects like the Jehovah Witnesses. – Dag Heward-Mills, Causes of Backsliding

Wow. When I read this, I ask myself, am I one of these Christians? I need deep roots of knowledge into my faith before I fall away. I need apologetic education on why Jesus Christ is Lord, and why He’s the only way to God.

You’ve got a decision to make. You can’t visually feed on the same films as your school chums and expect to stay sexually pure.

Without question, God has his job in this battle, but you also have yours – and that’s to starve the sumo! – Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, Every Young Man’s Battle

Until I read this book, I never paid serious attention to the fact that I’ve been feeding my sex drive by watching certain TV programmes. I’ve had to be honest and cut off some programs because honestly, I’m watching for the ladies. I don’t think you’ll totally understand how powerful this book is until you read it. Every Young Man’s Battle is a book every young dude should buy and read. Go and buy it now from Amazon!

A leader knows that the blessings he desires will not come overnight.  He is prepared to stay at it until the breakthrough and promotion arrive. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 7)

I want to accomplish great things for God, but if it doesn’t happen in a week, or a month, or a year, or whatever, I need to keep going faithfully with the work God has called me to. It’s called patience, and it’s a fruit of the Spirit! (Galatians 5:22)

Concentrate on your work and you will have great results. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 25)

Great results only come from focus and concentration. What I’ve failed to do is what I’ve failed to concentrate on. Lord help me to focus!

The achievement of results, hard work, loyalty, productivity and a good attitude must always be rewarded. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Leadership (AOL 52)

A good attitude is really valuable in every area of life. It’s something I want to write about one day… Stay tuned!

You will notice that the apostle Paul prayed for spiritual things such as the spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17). He prayed that they would know the love of God (Ephesians 3:18).

They yield far greater dividends and are far more relevant than you realise. – Dag Heward-Mills, The Art of Shepherding

I don’t think I need to add anything to these powerful statements. Finally, these last lines from Causes of Backsliding are some of the best and most important things I’ve ever read. This book really reveals why some people end up so deep in the Lord and the Christian life, and why some people drop from the faith like a punctured basketball. I’m going to keep reading this book and checking myself, and I recommend you do it too. Go and buy Causes of Backsliding by Bishop Dag now!

Empty Christians Are Targets!

There is the need for every Christian to be filled with the Spirit, with love and with the Word. What are you filling your spirit with? Fill your spirit with the Word of God, with faith, with good Christian music. – Dag Heward-Mills, Causes of Backsliding

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