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How To Do More Evangelism – Richie Rich Show   Leave a comment

While making this evangelism clip I got to do two great things: 1) think about God’s grace in my life to keep doing outreaches and 2) run around like an idiot.

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A Young Preacher Dies While On Evangelism   5 comments

A picture of Richard Walker holding the cross in a London street.

Me on evangelism in 2010. I pray this is an image that never changes.

This is a message I got from a friend during last week:

Just got a call from my mum in Ghana…it’s about a young man that my mum knows (26yrs old). He just died on Sunday.

He was found dead in the middle of the road with his bible and his speaker & mic in his hand. He was preaching the gospel and collapsed dead.

When my mum got to the hospital after hearing his speaker/mix was still on.

Hearing this…the fear of the Lord came upon me…It is a real wake up call for me.

Let us do all we can to continue preaching as I’m sure we all do.

May God’s mercy be with you.

All I can add is that this could easily be me. What will I be found doing when it’s my time to go?

May God give us all grace to keep spreading His love and His great gospel.

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7 Years of Being Born Again! And Other Random Stuff   Leave a comment

This was my breakfast at work... No hash brown as I'm cutting down the deep fried stuff in my life.

This was my breakfast at work… No hash brown as I’m cutting down the deep fried stuff in my life.

I’m on my break and I thought I’d write a quick blog on how I am in the heart and mind, with some random bits.

17th of August I celebrated being Born Again by Christ for 7 years! I thank God fully! I wanted to write an article about it and what has kept me in the faith but I didn’t get around to finishing it. Maybe in September when I’m a bit less tied up…

I’ll just tell you anyway though – I have lasted 7 years in Christianity because of church. Who I am and what I do, I owe it all to church. Being a Christian without going to church is like driving a car without a key… It isn’t how the manufacturer intended it to run. Going to church every week has so many benefits. Staying at home and sometimes praying is NOT THE SAME. God has specific blessings for us when we gather together with other believers.

One of the benefits is joy. I’m so happy to be at church every week. No matter how my week has been, the house of God lifts me up again. The Notting Hill Carnival ended yesterday, with many young people getting plastered and running around after chicks in sexy clothes. But you don’t need that to be happy as a Christian. You can be joyful in the house of God! There ain’t no party like the Holy Ghost party, cuz the Holy Ghost party don’t stop… 😉

I’m not very happy at the moment. Today I arrived to work extremely late to work. No one is punishing me (yet) but of course, I am only costing myself money. In fact, I haven’t been on time to work in about 2 weeks. On top, yesterday was not a brilliant day either. I left work without having a meeting I was scheduled for because I was shattered. I had to buy overpriced fast food as I was so hungry and after oversleeping in a nap, I missed a bass guitar lesson I was giving. Then of course, I was late again today by 40 minutes.

I’m a huge melancholic and I pay attention to time, so being late and missing meetings is really disappointing to me personally. One thing I have learned from wrestling is not to be late and unprepared. When John Cena, CM Punk and other wrestlers have a WWE show starting at 7pm, they arrive at the arenas from hours beforehand, sometimes 5 whole hours before showtime. Nobody strolls in 10 minutes before their match. Attention to detail like that is why WWE is a successful, reliable business. And when people in the world do good things that Christians often don’t, it really irks me.

In my mind I always strive to be on time or early, but I have backslidden in that area. Tiredness must not be an excuse anymore! I have to strive for excellence again in punctuality to church, to work, for uni lectures and deadlines, and every meeting.

At the moment, I’m leaning on Psalm 23. My situation isn’t exactly comparable to death, but I will not fear any evil as I pass through this valley. God will lead me onto his paths of righteousness, in Jesus’ name. I will improve, and I will make it onto the other side and laugh again. 🙂

-On a lighter note, I missed four calls yesterday – two from one number, two from another. I called back the second number and someone was asking me (with my name!) if I had any weed for him. Weed. After I said ‘I think you have the wrong number dude.’ He said something about ‘dude’ and hung up abruptly. Umm… Ok then. Upon reflection, I decided not to call the first number back.

-Sunday at church, a soul I met on evangelism came to church and was Born Again by Jesus Christ. Later that day he moved into a new hostel. It is a touching story of homelessness, addiction and redemption through the love of Jesus Christ. I will never stop preaching about heaven and hell, and the love shown to us by God. Perhaps I’ll tell you this man’s whole story one day.

-I recently opened the Guitar and Bass portal on the blog (click here to jump to it!), and I have some more new ideas for Christian content. How about… A monthly poll for the blog. Maybe a Christian book of the month too? I used to love these sorts of things on my old Mortal Kombat website, so let’s try it out soon! As for new videos as well, let’s just say… #4 is coming, and so is The Richie Rich Show. 😀 Stay tuned.

Well, I gotta finish my break. This has been your regular host… Mr First Class! :mrgreen:

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The JESUS IS LORD shirt – a Weapon of Mass Evangelism   Leave a comment

An 18-year old me sporting my first JESUS IS LORD shirt. Thinks he's hard doesn't he?

An 18-year old me sporting my first JESUS IS LORD shirt. Thinks he’s hard doesn’t he?

My JESUS IS LORD shirt only costs £12.50 for me to make, but it has more value to me than any Gucci, Armani, or Ralph Lauren merchandise. You might have seen me wearing it somewhere, because I wear it mostly everywhere. I try to wear it everyday – if not my shirt, then my cap. Something on me must lift the name of Jesus Christ high. Honestly, I feel naked when I’m not wearing something saying JESUS IS LORD, and I don’t fancy being naked in front of you. Sorry. This article is just a series of wafflings about the brief history behind this shirt…

The idea for the shirt ultimately rests with Chris, my brother in Christ. He was instrumental in bringing me to Christ, guiding, teaching, and loving me all the way. Once he had a cap which said Jesus Is My Boss, and he gave it to me. Well, I just about wore that hat everywhere right until I lost it. And you can imagine I was heartbroken when I lost it. 😥 There’s something about the name Jesus, and I just wanted to bring that sweet name to be visible everywhere.

So in January 2009, I made my first JESUS IS LORD shirt at a t-shirt printing store near where I was working, and I was in looooove. 😀 I wore it everywhere, everyday – to college, to work, to church. Of course, I had to wear jumpers and shirts underneath so it wouldn’t get extremely dirty extremely quickly, otherwise I’d be a pretty stinky Christian…

I went with a very simple message because for one, it was 75p per letter and I was a starving student. #NotMadeOfMoneySorry. Also I read somewhere once that people passing a sign on average process up to 6 words when they read it. I would love to have the whole of John 3:16 on a shirt but who is going to read that in 3 seconds as you walk past? Ummm, no-one? The simple statement JESUS IS LORD is the truth, bold, and indistinguishable, and I love it.

Soon I made a blue one, just because. Then, other people wanted to buy one, in different colours. I tried to make a business out of it for a short while, but I never had the heart to advertise or really sell the shirt – I just wanted it to advertise the Lord Jesus. Hey, I would make it for you and sell it to you if you really wanted it, but it’s not a business. It’s to satisfy my conviction to live to make His name high.

I have made lots of coloured JESUS IS LORD shirts for others, but I have 5 of my own at the moment, the latest being purple with white text. I made the shirt for something I can wear everyday, and boy, I have really tried…

Wearing my Jesus shirt does so much for me. The main reason I wear it is for evangelism. It’s my personal conviction to let everyone I possibly can know that Jesus Christ is The Lord, not to mentions Christ’s command in Matthew 28. I don’t get to talk to everyone, but if I only walk past on a bus or street, I want everyone to see the truth and consider Jesus Christ. It is God’s desire for every man, woman and child to be saved through His Son Jesus Christ.

The JESUS IS LORD shirts I wear, taken from my Instagram profile.

The JESUS IS LORD shirts I wear, taken from my Instagram profile.

My Jesus shirt helps me so much with evangelism. Christians have a duty bring others to the Lord and the shirt assists me. When I have been too nervous to speak, my t-shirt speaks for me and can fill an answering machine. Someone described wearing Christian message as a ‘silent witness’, and witness to people is definitely what it does.

Just wearing it opens opportunities to share Christ’s love with someone. I get stopped everywhere, on the street, in the shops, on buses (sometimes BY THE DRIVER), by people walking, by people driving. I can be out just buying food and someone will stop me to talk about the Lord. I meet all kinds – looking for God, people who think that the statement is garbage, people who want to know WHY I’m committed enough to wear this shirt. Would I get to speak to them just by wearing JUST DO IT? Umm, just do what exactly?

I meet a lot of lovely Christians just because I’m wearing my shirt. Isn’t it nice to be able to see another person who believes in Christ as much as you do? i try to encourage any believer who dares to approach me because of the shirt and fellowship with me. Some admit to me that they’re weak or backslidden in their faith. What can I do but try to restore them like Galatians 6 prescribes? Listening to the powerful, sometimes disturbing, sometimes comforting, sometimes tearful stories from other followers of Jesus always points me closer towards the direction of seeking God more.

Man looks on the outward appearance. As soon as somebody sees you, they will quickly analyse what you are wearing and treat you accordingly. If you’re wearing rags and tatty clothes, or If you’re wearing a suit, you will be perceived as and treated as how you are dressed. Myself? I want someone to look at me and immediately assume I’m a Christian.

For example, a young man called Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida in February this year. George Zimmerman, the cop who eventually shot him dead approached him because he was acting suspicious. Here’s a thought: do you think if Trayvon was wearing a 3-piece suit and Gucci shoes he would’ve been described as suspicious? Do you immediately assume a person wearing a suit is up to no good?

That’s just an aside point for the young black men – watch how you dress. A lot of people get stopped and searched by the police because their clothes and their demeanour provide enough cause for them to do. Improve your image and people will treat you better. I hope you understand me…

When I wear my Jesus shirt, I want you to know I’m a Christian without any room for confusion, and I want every blessing and curse that comes with that. Wearing the JESUS IS LORD is a form of protection to me. Girls will not want to flirt with me simply because of my shirt. People will not want to tempt me with certain things because I appear to be ‘religious’. Muslims will be discouraged to preach to me as if I have no commitment. I do not need to open my mouth to let you know what I believe just because of this shirt and how I conduct myself.

This is one of the greatest blessings of my life. This shirt carries the Holy Spirit, because truly no one can say JESUS IS LORD except by the Holy Ghost.

Louis Vuitton, eat your heart out. :mrgreen:

If you would like to buy one of these shirts, I’ve made more than 30 shirts for other people and I don’t have a problem getting one made for you. Send me a message over my Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts and we’ll get talking.

Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.
1 Corinthians 12:9

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Diary of a Saved Evangelist   3 comments

Young people on evangelism... What better is there?

My first time hosting an open air evangelism. What better is there than young people using their energy for the Lord?

On Sunday 7th June 2009, my life changed when my youth church leader gave me a new role – to organise outreaches for us every week. It was the beginning of something beautiful in my Christian walk. 😀 From that day until 2010, I attempted valiantly to mobilise my fellow SAVED youth church members in evangelism weekly. Over the months, we preached to many, sowed seeds, won souls, brought people to church, and developed ourselves. Personally, I saw myself grow through some of the peaks and perils of ministry. This article is a look back at 16 of the most memorable, inspirational, and outright crazy open-air evangelisms that we embarked on.

The purpose of this article is to inspire you, young or old, to get into the thrilling world of telling people about Jesus Christ and winning their soul for the Lord. These wonderful experiences of mine as a young person were in the middle of many problems like college, purity, and family. But you do not have to be perfect to help people come to know the Lord  – just follow Lord Jesus Christ fully, and go and preach to all nations. You can do it!

Note: This was written in 2010. A lot of things have changed in my church since then, the most obvious being that almost all of of the people mentioned have graduated from the youth church. This version has a few changes from the Facebook version, including some sentences being revised for easier reading, and never-before seen photos from the evangelisms from over 3 years ago. Also, through the article I will make comments in bold like this: (2013 Richie: Insert comment here.) When I opened my blog in January 2011, I had a couple of projects on mind to be the featured parts of this blog. My bus evangelism guide How to Preach on a Bus and Other Public Transport is one of those projects. But the original plan for this blog was to be a hub for my Rated Jesus Christ videos, and a chance to put the Diary of a SAVED Evangelist online. Yes, it was a part of my Facebook page first, but now it is available for the whole world over the internet, easily available to find on Google.

Thank you Chris, for the opportunity you gave to a person like me. 🙂 Let’s get started…


All I ever wanted watch to preach and win souls like Reverend Michael did. :)

All I ever really wanted to do was to preach and win souls like Reverend Michael did. 🙂

Click on a chapter title to view it.

Friday 10th July 2009: Clapham Common – “It All Begins Again”


Jon and Tessa: two blessed, faithful singers.

After being asked to start leading outreach in SAVED Battersea, I decided I had to do something I’d never done before – preach open-air with a megaphone. At the time it was something I’d longed to do, since I saw my wonderful pastor Reverend Michael Amoh preach powerfully in Oxford Street a couple of years earlier. With the LCI Battersea branch’s backing in song and spirit, we really laid a spiritual smackdown that day. Since then, I’d wanted to get my hands on a megaphone somewhere in public to preach.

There was a day in August 2008 where I almost, ALMOST got the opportunity to preach with the same megaphone in Croydon. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be – my good friend David was chosen instead. I still have the video somewhere… one day I’ll upload it!

(2013 Richie Rich: And I finally did. 😀 Click here to watch David preaching in Croydon now: )

But there was no almosts here. No more longing. Just a desire to sing and preach and declare the name of Jesus. July is the month of evangelism in LCI, and to me this is the time to make the most amount of noise possible for Christ.

As of today, I’m not entirely sure why I picked Clapham Common to preach like this for the first time. If I’m honest, I’m not even 100% that this was the first place! I have a couple of reasons I’m mindful of. One, Clapham Common is a junction in South London many people have to pass through, especially young people. Two, we had an evangelism here as a SAVED church in 2007, headed by our great old leader Amma Duodu. (2013 Richie Rich: This outreach with Amma D was probably the first time I ever witnessed to a stranger too. Let’s just say it didn’t go well and leave it there, shall we? Good.)

But as of today (again June 2010), I realise that God has just given me a soft spot for Clapham Common. I was Born Again at a LCI Battersea event in August 2006. It only occured to me when I returned for preaching here in 2010 that this is where it all began. I never knew in 2006 that saying that prayer and choosing to be committed to LCI Battersea would be the beginning of something great. Similarly, I never knew this day of evangelism was going to be the beginning for something great in my life. You could say, it all began again.

The attendees that day were myself, Jonathan, Tessa, and Zoe. I’d been outreach leader for a month, and this was the most I’d ever had with me, so I was very encouraged. Jonathan brought his electro-acoustic guitar Melody so we could sing some songs of praise. One Way and Your Name High, if I remember correctly. I wanted songs that emphatically mentioned the name of Jesus. It’s important that there is no confusion while on evangelism that only Jesus Christ is the saviour.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. – John 14:6

The portable combo speaker (a Carlsbro Wanderer BP Plus Portable PA, if anyone wants the name) was purchased by LCI Battersea’s own lovely Sister Jacqui for the church sometime in 2007. The microphone was one of our microphones from church. A lot of my plans have been ruined in future attempts because I’d forget to take a microphone from church during the week. I’ve since grown in wisdom and bought my own. 😀

It was a wonderful day. I led praise songs while Jonathan played the guitar. (It’s been the other way around since then!) Tessa backed up singing like the splendid sister she is. I preached the same message I had been preaching on buses for about a month, while Zoe fearlessly and faithfully gave out flyers and spoke to people. One of my old college friends Saudiq even showed up! (He’s responsible for the group photo.) The great evangelism lasted about an hour and a half, and then we prayed and took a bus to LCI London Aparche for choir rehearsal.

As we rode that 37 to Peckham, as I chewed on my apple, the main things I was thinking were ‘why would the others miss as blessed a time as this?’ and ‘when do I get to do this again?’

Friday 24th July 2009: Streatham – “A Hard Lesson Learned”

This is one of those days I can’t easily forget, even if I forget a lot of things about these outreaches. As it turned out, this has probably been my most important preaching appointment to date.

2 weeks before we had a wonderful time in Clapham Common, preaching and making noise for Jesus. I was so pleased with this day, I wanted to repeat this success.

I spent the day struggling on buses to Blackheath to pick up our portable PA system from Pastor Sii’s house. The handle had come off and Pastor Sii offered to repair it. God bless that man – this was the first of countless repairs he’s freely made on our weapon of mass evangelism. I made the hellish journey from Blackheath to Streatham straight into outreach. I picked a particular place, in front of Blockbuster Video. I would’ve picked a more landmark place like Odeon Cinema, but too many people come there to preach. I wanted to be different.

(2013 Richie Rich: Today when I preach in Streatham I always preach at the Odeon. Irony? What’s that? Plus, Pastor Sii is now Reverend Sii. 😀 )

You’ll notice that there are no pictures this time. That’s because no-one took any, because I was completely alone. No-one from the SAVED church came to outreach. I’d preached alone before, but not open-air with a loudspeaker. I’d held SAVED outreaches with no-one but myself before, but not with a microphone. This was different.

I called around. No-one picked up, except for one guy who wasn’t coming. I could’ve cried. I almost went home. But I went on anyway, and I preached everything I knew to everyone under the sound of my voice. When I finished, an older lady came to thank me, I took myself home, had some toast, and went straight to choir rehearsal.

Everyone who I had reasonable expectation to be at the outreach was at choir rehearsal. Everyone who I had reasonable expectation to be the outreach was at an outreach Saturday (the next day) held by our then pastor of Battersea, Pastor Stephen. (Even those I had no expectation to come were there.) I was at work while this outreach happened.

At the time I was really hurt and confused as to what happened. I had texted everyone – like before – that we were having another exciting outreach. Instead, they were all at choir rehearsal (before me) with no explanation. (I didn’t ask for one either.) I remember just being very alone and shaken preaching that day. The next day, when I learned that everyone went to Pastor Steve’s outreach, I was now confused and angry. I’m not an equaliser, but I just couldn’t understand why everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) would go on as if my evangelism never happened and go to Pastor Steve’s.

I had a chat with Pastor Steve after church that same day. (SAVED Nite is a mid-week youth church service in my church every Saturday, for every branch of SAVED.) I told him I was angry and I didn’t know what to do about it. Pastor Steve told me I had no reason to be angry, because in this case the heavenly reward was all mine. He also said some people had seen me that day and told him about my courageous effort.

I don’t remember everything he said, but that chat with Pastor Steve melted everything and before long, I didn’t care anymore. You see, this outreach is probably the most important because I realised I was asked to be the outreach leader and no-one else. It’s nobody’s responsibility but my own to preach when outreach happens in our church. There’s no reason to be sad when no-one else will help me, because frankly no-one else is as obligated as I am to do what God asked ME to do! If everyone wants to sit indoors and eat while there is outreach, that’s fine because I will fast and preach!

Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.
John 4:34

I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:12-13

Today, I stand as an evangelist with a confession like Paul. I expect nobody to help me, and I know how to be with or without people while fulfilling my ministry.

(2013 Richie Rich: I wouldn’t be so brazenly fast to call myself an evangelist today…)

I don’t see myself as greater than anyone around me. On the contrary; I think I’m the worst preacher around compared to my friends. People are always fighting to tell me to stop putting myself down! (2013 Richie Rich: Erm, yeah, putting yourself down isn’t a good thing Richard. At least you’ve changed and you don’t talk yourself down anymore. :p ) Thing is, I understood this day as well that I’m blessed to have it as easy as I do, to be allowed to just go anywhere and preach at will. Some people’s parents would stop them coming to church if they ever saw them standing next to a street preacher, let alone doing it themselves.

Other people sometimes genuinely have other things to do. I don’t always understand the need to be away from church activities, but sometimes it’s with good reason and is God’s will. I think the people of SAVED Battersea are amazing, wonderful, beautiful people who can do wonderful things for God. The outreaches that I hold are not the be all, end all for them at all. They will do better than I have ever done.

(2013 Richie Rich: Not to discredit anything I said here, but this incident was also an indicator of my leadership skills. Yes I learned how to stand alone for Christ and that is critical to me, but I was evangelism leader – one of my major tasks was to actually lead people to preach to others. If people didn’t come to the outreach meetings, then I was actually not up to task. How could can you expect to make people follow unreasonable demands? Maybe evangelism straight to choir rehearsal was too unreasonable for them at the time – we were school and college students after all. As time went on, I learned that you needed to give people ample room and opportunity to come along. It’s a part of ministry – making way for others.)

Friday 21st August 2009: Stockwell – “Greater Works”

SAVED Battersea doing greater works...

SAVED Battersea doing greater works…

The 2010 UK Youth Camp was finished 2 days before this. I think the day I saw those bright orange t-shirts, I knew we had to have an evangelism honouring and proving the message of this awesome Youth Camp.

Verily verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
John 14:12

Stockwell was another decision I made to preach in because it was a place SAVED Battersea had preached at before in 2007 with Amma D. At the time, I think I wanted to walk in the footsteps of my great leaders to see how they felt. Funnily enough, at that time in 2007 we were on our way to an all-night prayer, and Jonathan, David, Amma D, and I were there. Dave and Jon were behind me once again Stockwell… it’s a good thing!

The evangelism in Stockwell in 2007 was the first time Amma D used the megaphone she asked me to seek out and buy for her. I bought the megaphone that same day from Maplin Electronics in Queensway (ironically, another Friday in August), we had a SAVED meeting, and then we went to preach on our way to all-night prayer. I seem to remember wasting my money on a large bottle of Cherry Coke that night as well…

Here we were in 2009 again, ready and willing to lift up the name of Jesus. It was another record attendance for SAVED outreaches under my name – Innocent, Nathaniel, Jordan (Nathaniel’s little brother), David, Zoe, Jonathan, and myself were on the scene.

I hope God saw things as awesome as I saw them – a sea of orange people preaching about Jesus without apology. Once again I preached aloud with the microphone, to the people coming from the tube train station, to the billions of people in their cars and buses, and to those on foot. The particular place in Stockwell we chose is huge, so we had some great sound amplification that day.

The real stars of this show were my comarades. David became a combined soul winner and photographer this day – taking photos and talking to people on foot about Jesus. Zoe and Nathaniel branched off together also to preach about Jesus. Innocent and Jonathan sang praise songs while I played the guitar for them. Before any of this, we all prayed shamelessly in tongues for a while in public. I’m sure the response to that from some were like it was at the time of Pentecost in Acts…

Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine.
Acts 4:13

But drunk we were not! Led by the Holy Spirit we were. We all left for choir rehearsal at LCI London Aparche afterwards I believe. SAVED Battersea had struck again.

Saturday 7th and 14th November 2009: Croydon – “Desires Do Indicate Your Calling”

Between August and November, a lot had changed in the SAVED church in Battersea, and in my domestic life. In the church, Chris (our SAVED leader) had a shuffling of people in leadership. (I still remember every change that day – it was an important day!) I thought that was it for me and evangelism in SAVED – after all, I learned the most important of all last month in Streatham, didn’t I? Don’t expect too much help to fulfill your own calling?But that wouldn’t be the case. I was still the evangelism leader, and now the leader of data and media ministries.

Also, in September, I started a new course at a new college. It was time to learn some more valuable lessons as I struggled to fulfill The Art Of Leadership’s 44th Chapter – Balance Your Priorities. (The Art Of Leadership – AOL – is a great book by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, my favourite book ever. Available in all good Christian book stores.) I wouldn’t admit it at the time, but I found it hard to study, play adequate bass guitar, lead three ministries, control my personal life and know God all at once… so evangelism suffered for a couple of months, with few SAVED evangelisms in between.

Croydon in 2008, the day I really wanted to preach. Thankfully I would get that chance one day...

Croydon in 2008, the day I really wanted to preach. Thankfully I would get that chance one day…

I think at a point I just got up and said ‘enough is enough’, and decided to get on with evangelism again. I was afraid I’d be mostly alone as most people would be studying when I wanted to preach – but that was OK. After all, no one’s going to study for you!

After some smaller outreaches in Vauxhall and Stockwell, one day I decided to go to Croydon with the loudspeaker. I’d never been to Croydon to preach before sans once – the evangelism in August 2008 where I wanted to preach with the loudspeaker, but David was asked to instead. He did a great job, but now it was my turn!

(2013 Richie Rich: You can watch a video from David’s outreach in 2008 here: )

AOL 99 is Recognise Your Desire As A Symptom Of Your Call To Leadership. The title alone is so true. I wanted to preach that day in August 2008. I really did. Look, Croydon is not a small place! Especially on a Saturday, there are thousands of people at the Croydon Whitgift Centre. How many of them are saved? How many of them know Jesus Christ? How many of them are going to hell because there is no-one to tell them a little about The Saviour?

As far as evangelism goes, I just want to go where the people are. And people are in Croydon every Saturday shopping. I estimate that at least 15,000 people go through Croydon every Saturday. (Warning: that was an uneducated guess for the purpose of this article.) If I could bring the message of Christ to just one or two people… it would be worth it.

When we were last in Croydon, we preached outside the main entrance of the Whitgift Shopping Centre. I reckoned that more people would be near where the buses go through to the main bus station, so I held the SAVED evangelism from there. Looking back, I think I was wrong about that! But at least, the people on the buses could see us lifting the name of Jesus high.

We held two outreaches there in November, both times the praise and worship team from SAVED were invited to come and minister. 80% of the team weren’t there – just David and Jonathan came both days. They arrived extremely late both times. I’m no better than anyone, but I’d come to expect such things, so I secretly work with the mind that I’m preaching alone, and if anyone else comes, it’s a bonus to the work. Still, I always insisted on the highest level of excellence and sincerity regarding outreaches. They were good days.

It felt truly redeeming to know that God won’t let your godly desires just come to nothing. I wanted to preach in Croydon, for the sake of souls, and I finally had the opportunity. The thing is? The only way what your desires happen in reality is when it agrees with God’s will. Your desires must match God’s desires. Then they’ll come to pass.

In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.
Matthew 18:14 (NIV)

Saturday 19th and Monday 21st December 2009: Croydon and Clapham Junction – “Christmas”

Christmas was rolling around, so it was time to do some Christmas themed evangelism, to spread some Christmas cheer about the true meaning of the thing – Jesus.

First off, to Croydon again. I would be alone again, but by this point it barely bugged me at all. I think I wasn’t exactly letting people know with enough time that we were going to preach, that I wasn’t being fair to everyone. (Chris called me out on this later, thankfully.) Still, I didn’t mind standing alone. The truth is when you bring the good news of the gospel, you don’t stand alone at all! Jesus Christ himself is with you! Every time you give a tract, Jesus is with you! When you stand with a megaphone like a mad man to preach, Jesus is with you! When you stand on a bus or train to preach, Jesus is with you! Do you want Jesus with you wherever you go? Start preaching wherever you go!

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
Matthew 28:19-20

It was the last Saturday day before Christmas, so naturally everyone’s out, shopping for last minute Christmas gifts. By this time, I was using tactics from Lay People and the Ministry (another fantastic book by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills!). So here, I was preaching about current events – Christmas is around the corner, and Jesus is the reason for the season. We all recieve gifts at Christmas, but the greatest gift of all is salvation, which God has given to us through Jesus Christ.

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Romans 6:23

It was me and the loudspeaker, competing for sound with the Christmas orchestra band a few yards away from me. Sorry guys – salvation > entertainment.

The most excellent part of this was that at the conclusion of the evangelism, I prayed with two young boys to wanted to give their lives to Christ. I think it was the first time such a miracle had happened. They were buying a phone for themselves for Christmas, but God had a greater gift in store for them! I thank God for such a wonderful experience.

Chris suggested that SAVED Battersea go Christmas carolling. So, I went ahead and organised a Christmas carol evangelism for the following Monday in a place everyone in our church knows – Clapham Junction. It’s a pseudo hot-spot for shoppers at Christmas times, therefore souls, souls, and more souls. On that day, David, Lesley, Christine, and Tessa were there.

You may have noticed that I wasn’t there myself! No, I planned the whole thing and remembered late Sunday night that I had to go to work at that time! No, but my good friend David stood in for me. I texted him the words to Christmas carols, and without a loudspeaker, those wonderful guys sung and handed out tracts for Jesus. They even recieved offering that day – a whole £6! First time on any evangelism I’ve organised! I didn’t remember that people bless Christmas carollers with money. If I’d remembered, I would’ve been more proactive about it!

I’d just like to say that David is a brilliant brother. He’s been with me the most of all people on my evangelisms in SAVED. Aside from that, he’s seen my in my good, bad, and ugliest moods. He’s helped me from the day I was saved in August 2006 ’til this day, from talking serious talks about Jesus, to talking serious talks about marriage over McDonald’s! David, veteran of Lighthouse Chapel International for over a decade, deserves the best, in my eyes.

Now that I’ve left Saved, I’ve handed evangelism over to David. Do more wild things this Christmas please! (2013 Richie: Well, let’s see… to my knowledge, soon David left the youth church and evangelism was handed over to Zoe, who did great things. Then it was handed to my boy Brother Dan who is doing greater things…)

Saturday 27th February 2010: Tooting Broadway – “Power”

I wonder what their reward in heaven is for this?

I wonder what their reward in heaven is for this?

This wasn’t the first evangelism in 2010, in case you think that. A lot had happened again, for me personally, and for our beautiful church.

Reverend Michael and Pastor Frank returned to LCI Battersea in October 2009, and since around Christmas time had been whipping us into shape with a series of powerful ‘You May Scream’ sessions every Friday. (These are all-night prayer meetings for the church, usually from 11pm – 4am.) Those prayer meetings were crucial for survival as a Christian for me. Also, in December 2009, I decided to leave college until September next year. I felt I had made a poor start and done irreversible damage, so I needed to start again. Looking back from today (September 2010), this was probably a good decision, as I had time to do some wild things. (Don’t try this at home – GO TO SCHOOL!)

(2013 Richie Rich: The jury is still on out on whether I should’ve left college at that time. I felt that I had done badly and needed a fresh start, but information came to me later that I actually had all the way until April to make changes to my work there – that’s 4 months I spent just working and not at school. Oh well, I’m at uni now, and I will not make the mistake of just taking one person’s word and giving up again. The moral of this story is still GO TO SCHOOL!)

Tooting Broadway was not a place I had thought preaching in until Chris said we should go there. I’m so glad he did, as it was time for more invaluable experiences. Tooting Broadway is the home to the Tooting market, with a lot of market stalls and some big high street shops, such as Primark, Lidl, and TK Maxx. Lots of people flood there every Saturday… so SAVED Battersea had to get in there for the souls!

With me on this day were David, Jonathan, Dimitri, and Tessa. We set up in front of the Tooting Broadway Tube Station. I begun to preach as the troops filed in a bit later. Before they came however, a muslim stood near and starting walking around the statue behind us, and I think he was praying to Allah! Perhaps he was praying the huge stone would fall on me. Well buddy… I’m still alive! Soon after their arrival, Tessa led us in a couple of great praise songs to fill the place with the Spirit.

Tessa (I love to call her Cindy-Tessa) is a great person who I admire. She has a lot of transparency and sincerity – a must for knowing and serving God, or at least for relating with other believers. I think Cindy-Tessa has a lot to offer the kingdom of God, more than she realises. (Not that no-one else does. Everyone has a lot to offer.) She is very faithful and very sweet. I love her very much!

It was around this time that I began to really develop a plan for holding evangelism. It used to be a matter of going somewhere, and throwing everything at the wall and seeing what stuck. Now, it was becoming more organised. The praise and worship team knew they had to be there – I planned songs for them to sing. We had people like Dimitri and David as ‘floor witnesses’ – people who personally talk to and witness to people in the area. I can’t do that as I preach with a megaphone – at least then I couldn’t.

I know with God nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37), but I do believe in good organisation when it comes to spiritual things. The Aparche (first) branch of LCI UK has a set time for prayer, praise and worship, and ministrations during services. It’s very, very good, and not restricting at all – the set times keep sub-consciously people expectant of an encounter with God at a particular time. I can learn a lot from this.

Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Corinthians 14:40

During this evangelism, we encountered friends from Potter’s House church on evangelism. We took a couple of snaps with them and had some true talks. It is mostly a blessing to encounter other believers on outreaches – it’s a reminder that people can be saved. Never give up!

Tooting Broadway was a throughly enjoyable experience. The rising confidence in from experiences, the anointing coming with Reverend Michael’s prayer meetings, and the change in season (people were becoming steadily more available) meant SAVED Battersea’s evangelisms were beginning to hit a stride… we were going to bear fruit!

Saturday 6th March 2010: Clapham Junction – “Honours and Fruits”

The anointed Reverend Michael, crusading with us once again.

The anointed Reverend Michael, crusading with us once again.

It was an intense time to be a worker in Lighthouse Chapel International Battersea. The SAVED church had expanded over the month thanks to Chris’ wonderful youth night Love Is The Greatest. Ministries were growing, people were growing, it was just a good time. Reverend Michael – at that time the pastor of the church – was hosting You May Scream (all night prayer meetings) every Friday in our New Cross branch. I tried to not let evangelism suffer – I was determined that we would go EVERY Saturday, and a little thing like sleep was not going to stop us!

During one of these all night prayers, Reverend Michael announced that he wanted the church to go on evangelism the next day, at Clapham Junction. He said he could feel something about it. Well that’s funny, I thought, I already planned for the SAVED church to outreach in the same place!

As we prayed in the prayer meeting, Clapham Junction really burned into my mind. I don’t know why, but I could really feel… something about that place, on that day. I told Reverend Michael afterwards how excited I was. I even invited a couple of other people from other branches – something was going to happen.

So the next day, I arrived at Clapham Junction with the usual speaker and microphone, and some tracts. Reverend Michael shortly followed –  he appeared as I was preaching to a young man outside McDonald’s. No-one else turned up just yet, it was just me and Reverend. I WAS ECSTATIC!

I owe a lot of my desire to evangelise to Reverend Michael Amoh. As I mentioned way back, since he took the church on evangelism to Oxford Street in 2007, I have been enthralled by preaching. The way Reverend carries himself at evangelism – strong like an ox, as passionate as passion fruit – is amazing. I’d only had two opportunities to be on evangelism with Reverend: at Oxford Street and in Vauxhall, both in 2007. Good times, good times.

Can you imagine how I felt? For a few fleeting moments, to preach with Reverend Michael? To preach with the man, who preached TO ME to give my life to Christ? Words can’t describe. It was a dream come true.

We handed out tracts and stopped people to preach. I even learned how to simply hand out tracts with an impact, just by watching him! It was fantastic. After we had exhausted most of our tracts, David, Jonathan, and Dimitri arrived. Reverend Michael said it was time to get on the mic. Could the day get anymore awesome? It just did. Reverend Michael preached on the mic for a little while. My dang camera batteries were low, so I didn’t get many photos or videos. (I got a few though.)

After about twenty minutes, the great Reverend Michael left us to finish, and encouraged us to continue. I preached on the mic, and the others handed out tracts. I observed what Reverend Michael was preaching before, and attempted to continue where he left off. We finished up at around 2:30pm that day, before heading to church.

I didn’t even notice because I was preaching so loud, but the guys spoke to a girl that day, who wanted to know what the commotion was about. The next day she came to church, bringing a few friends with her. They became church members.

And that is of course, the best part of all. People were saved, and came to the knowledge of Christ that day. We bore fruit! Real lives, saved. And on top of that, I was encouraged to become a better evangelist. It was a day I won’t easily forget!

Reverend Michael Amoh is an incredible man, a great example of a leader in life, of his family, and in the church. He’s pastoring in Germany at the moment, and he’s doing a wonderful job. His family are still with us in Battersea and also doing a great work for God. Above all, they are soul winners – the wisest type of human being.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.
Proverbs 11:30

Saturday 11th March 2010: Victoria – “Tag Teams”

I’d wanted to take SAVED Battersea to preach in Victoria many times. Why? I think the only reason why is because it’s at the end of the 44 bus route, and 44 bus stops almost directly outside our church. It would be easy to guide people to the house of God… right? I’d had to cancel going to Victoria at least twice (including one time to go on evangelism with the ultra-anointed Lady Pastor Gina Amoh – wife of Reverend Michael!), but this week I wasn’t going to let anything interrupt this – not even a broken speaker.

It wasn’t the evangelism speaker that broke though, fortunately or unfortunately. No, what broke was one of the speakers in church that Thursday. Somebody decided to drop it while we were getting ready. How does this affect me? Well, in order for it to be fixed in time for Sunday, my good buddy David and I offered to take it to a repair shop in Harlesden on Friday, retrieve it on Saturday, and take it to church on Sunday. Sounds simple enough?

Well, let’s just throw simplicity out of the window of a 50-storey building, because Reverend Michael had called for You May Scream that Friday night. And of course, there was going to be SAVED evangelism in Victoria, Saturday at 12:30pm.

In order to pull this off, David and I were going to have to travel to Harlesden Friday morning/afternoon (it would take up the whole day), travel to Peckham for choir rehearsal Friday evening, then to New Cross for all night prayer, then straight back to Harlesden to get the speaker at 10am Saturday morning, THEN straight to evangelism in Victoria. (Not to mention SAVED Night church service, straight after that.) David came up with the name ‘The Infamous Tag Team’ for him and me, because we’re always getting into controversial situations like this!

So we set off Friday morning to Harlesden with a 15kg speaker in my hands. After some very long bus journeys, and getting slightly lost, we finally made it to the store. (We actually mostly found it because we saw what looked like ANOTHER Lighthouse member was taking his speaker to branch’s the same shop!) Then, we stopped in Morrison’s in Shepherd’s Bush to buy less then a £1’s worth of snacks. (He was broke, and I was even more broke. If we had money, we’d be taking TRAINS, not buses!)

I think it was while we were in Shepherd’s Bush that day I noticed the Westfield Shopping Centre, and the HUGE amounts of people there on a Friday lunchtime. I wondered how many people would be here on a Saturday afternoon then? I decided there and then that one day we had to come here to preach. And that day came sooner than you might think… keep reading!

Afterwards, we got to Peckham in evening. Had choir rehearsal, then went to New Cross for all night. I don’t think we ate anything besides the meager snacks from Morrison’s! From all night, we went back to our houses for a pit stop. (It’s now Saturday.) Between 6am and 7am, I made sandwiches in my house, and travelled to David’s so we could go back to Harlesden, to get the church speaker.

I didn’t even mention that the evangelism speaker wasn’t fully charged! I don’t know how I forgot to charge it, but that’s the way it was. The only option was to let David take it to his and charge it. When I got to David’s ready to leave, it still wasn’t charged. I had to make a decision – take the evangelism speaker on half-power, or leave it to charge and trust Jonathan (David’s twin brother) bring it when he comes to evangelism.

I decided to take the speaker, because I couldn’t trust Jon in his tired state to wake up on time for evangelism. And my fears were realised – he never came! Bless him, he works hard at university, harder than me. As I review this hard time, I realise the Bible is true – the Bible says a friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. (Proverbs 17:17) David is truly a brother born for times of adversity for me… this is evidence!

To cut a longer story short, we got to Harlesden at 10am, and the shop wasn’t open. After looking like sad puppies for an hour, we decided he had to wait for the speaker while I went to the SAVED evangelism in Victoria. I got there early, tired, but ready to share the good news.

I started preaching directly outside the Victoria train station. About five minutes later, police man came and told me to move because I was too loud. So I moved across the street, where the police came back two times to tell me that I was distracting the bus drivers. Still, I worked with them and preached until 2pm. Don’t fight with authorities when it comes to evangelism.

If the police tell you to stop preaching, stop immediately. If they tell you to turn your loudspeaker down, do it with a smile. They are the authorities and there to be obeyed!

Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.
Romans 13:1-2 (NIV)

Salem joined me sometime in the evangelism and was a tremendous blessing, preaching to people one-on-one, including a radio show host! Salem’s another person I admire greatly. She’s a great example for the body of Christ, and hasn’t touched the tip of the iceberg of her life in Christ. You should get to know her! Teaming with her on this day was brilliant.

Also, on this day, I met a nice gentleman (who may have been a prophet) telling me a couple of things. I don’t think they’re for public consumption at the moment, but I’ll wait and see if they come to pass. All in all, a tiring situation produced a fruitful evangelism. Seeds were sown, the Word was preached, and SAVED Battersea had hit another place.

Friday 26th and Saturday 27th March 2010: Clapham Junction and Shepherd’s Bush – “The Old Rugged Cross”

Christine, Tessa, and the cross of Christ.

Christine, Tessa, and the cross of Christ in Shepherd’s Bush.

As I said in the last entry, Shepherd’s Bush is HUGE. As I’ve said before, my mantra with evangelism is simply to go where the souls are, and at the Westfield Shopping Centre – the largest shopping mall in Europe, or at least it was – there are certainly souls!

Because this was going to be big, I needed a big change. I took the cross from our church in Battersea after our Thursday service, for the first time. I’ve taken her with me almost every time I go on a crusade-style evangelism since this day. The cross is an everlasting visual to anyone who sees it, and is important in a big evangelism. Reverend Michael used to take it on his huge evangelisms in 2007, and now so was I.

Unusual Christian visuals are an easy way to sow seeds into someone’s heart. That’s why I wear a JESUS IS LORD shirt everywhere I can, or take the old rugged cross from Battersea whenever possible, because it’s unusual. They makes people think. They can even provoke people to talk to you, where you can preach to them and perhaps save their soul! It’s all to do with creating opportunities to win people to Christ. We must stop at nothing to get people to know the true God!

Friday night would’ve usually been for choir rehearsal for us, but I don’t think we had any that night for one reason or another. So, I decided for an evangelism that evening in Clapham Junction – my first time with the cross. To say I got a few looks from people would be an understatement! I don’t think Junction was very busy at this time.

In fact, the only memorable part of this SAVED Evangelism was meeting our new friend whom we met and compelled to come to church at the beginning of the month. That, and a man was pretty upset about me waking his girlfriend from her sleep in a nearby flat. Still, the gospel was preached. Moving on…

(2013 Richie Rich: I still remember that guy! He angrily asked me what planet I was from. I said earth. :D)

The next day it was the big one – Shepherd’s Bush. The meeting was to involve the praise and worship team singing. I got there early, at around 11:30am. We were due to start at around 12pm, and wrap up around 1:30pm – the choir was ministering at a church convention, at LCI Colindale. But, still I was not going to let that honour stop us from attempting to win the lost!

There were are lot of us there for a change. Apart from myself, Dimitri, Christine, Jonathan, Cindy-Tessa, Innocent, and Salem appeared for today. It was great! Cindy-Tess led Inno and Christine and singing while Jonathan played guitar. (After my preaching.) Salem and Dimitri went about witnessing. Not a lot of people wanted to give phone numbers, but still seeds were sown by a hard-working SAVED church. I was so happy for them.

I can’t finish this without telling some funny stories. The first happened when I arrived, actually. I stood about thirty feet away from the Westfield Shopping Centre. I was barely setting up when security from the Westfield Centre said I was standing on their property and wasn’t allowed to start a demonstration! So, I did the next best thing… went across the road. Hey, that wasn’t their property, so they had nothing to complain about if I stood there! Even if my ‘demonstration’ was just as loud as on their side.

Westfield Shopping Centre has never looked better... :D

Westfield Shopping Centre has never looked better… 😀

The next experience was when I had begun preaching, and a pedestrian lady came over to me and said I was causing noise pollution and she was going to call the police. And she did just that, right in front us. (I deliberately talked a little bit louder to obstruct her phone call a little bit. Hey, I’m a preacher, not a doormat!) As a matter of fact, the unfriendly fellow with his sleeping beauty yesterday said he was calling the police too. Well, I’m still waiting for the police to arrive, because no authorities came to quench us both times! It is the grace of God. 😀

I spoke to a couple of girls that day while preaching as well, one of whom I offered my New American Standard Bible because she didn’t have one at all. (She didn’t take it.) She also asked a couple of questions about her Christian faith. I think I answered it wrongly when I look back! Before you go on evangelism, you have to be able to answer decent questions properly, from the Word of God. I have tried not to answer wrongly since then. Mercy!

This may be my favourite evangelism with SAVED Battersea, if I’m honest. The thrill of having the cross like Reverend Michael, being a huge place where many people stopped to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and having a lot of the crew with me was an absolute joy. I’m no longer in the SAVED church, but days like this leave me with confidence that the SAVED church in Battersea will definitely grow and expand in the hands of Chris, and these lovely, beautiful, Spirit-filled warriors.

Friday 9th April 2010: Marble Arch – “Find an Island Somewhere”

(2013 Richie Rich: A video of Jonathan singing at this evangelism is now online! You can watch the video from this outreach by clicking here: )

One day, I was travelling to a convention with our church’s drummer Innocent, when I ran into the middle of the road in Marble Arch and said to Innocent, ‘We HAVE to come here to preach!’

Looking around, the place was packed precariously with people. (That’s a tongue twister!) Walking up and down, going into shops, viewing the sights, purchasing British souvenirs. There are a lot of places like this in London to be fair, like Croydon, where people move in masses to shop and walk around. My vision was to go where people are, and people were here, so… 2 + 2 equals 4, right?

So, for the Friday after Easter Friday, I informed Battersea SAVED church that we were going to preach in Marble Arch. I didn’t really know what to expect from this place in particular. I knew there were a lot of tourists, but otherwise, this side of London was uncharted waters for me.

I arrived at around 1pm with the powerful portable combo, and the trusty cross from church. I knew we had to share the gospel near the entrance to the Underground train station, because that’s where the most people are (because they’re coming out of the station, of course). The station entrance is near the main attraction of Marble Arch… a giant marble arch.

We found our island to share Christ in Marble Arch!

We found our island to share Christ in Marble Arch!

I didn’t know exactly where to set up the preaching escapade. On the pavement? Near the arch? A bit of careful examination near the station revealed an island – a small slab of pavement in the road that divides the cars. And I remembered Reverend Michael – my father and inspiration for this style of evangelism – saying a few times sermons past, ‘Sometimes you just gotta find an island somewhere and preach!’

Taking the advice of the great Reverend Michael, I set up on the island, and began to preach the gospel of Jesus. The masses walking around and shopping now got more than they bargained for – they got salvation offered to them.

Soon David and Jonathan arrived. Jonathan took a few photos, then got ready to sing. David evangelised to people one-on-one and handed out flyers. And as I was on the mic, someone gave me a bottle of water! I think that was the first thing I ever received while evangelising!

After about an hour of preaching, I handed the mic over to Jonathan, and I plugged in his guitar. We sang a couple of songs to glorify Jesus. I think that’s the point of singing at an evangelism like this… to glorify the name of Jesus. He, after all, shed his blood on a cross for us! His name must be exalted at all costs. And when that happens, Jesus says that people will be drawn to him.

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.
John 12:32

We concluded the SAVED evangelism with Jonathan preaching on the mic quickly. The combo’s battery died, but I had my megaphone as a backup (thanks Sammy G!), and Jonathan continued. Very soon we and packed up, knowing the Lord’s work had been done. The three of us then went to a nearby McDonald’s for a quick spot of lunch. On our way out, very close to where we just were, MUSLIMS WERE ON EVANGELISM!

The muslims had a table, their own portable combo and microphone, and there were quite a handful of them! They were spreading their incorrect doctrine! Well, I wasn’t going to stand for that. I took our powerful portable combo (more powerful then theirs!) and preached over them for two minutes, and then quickly went on my way. I dropped a bomb on their plans!

I have nothing against anyone, or any religion, but only believing in Jesus as THE SON OF GOD will register you in heaven. I didn’t say it… the Bible said it. Look at these scriptures.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
John 14:6

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.
Acts 4:12

I’m sure Mohammed was a nice guy. I’m sure Buddha was a friendly fellow. Joesph Smith was probably a lovely man! But none of these people were Jesus. Only Jesus Christ and his blood is allowing you past the heavenly gates, through the courts. Anything else? It will take you to hell. And everybody must know.

At least some came to Marble Arch one day to let them know.

Friday 16th April 2010: Trafalgar Square – “You May Take Your Seats”

The old rugged cross...

The old rugged cross…

Going to Marble Arch inspired me to go to at least one more tourist attraction in London – and I decided on Trafalgar Square. Initially I wanted to go to Leicester Square, like Reverend Michael has in the past. But I think I got my wires crossed somewhere and it turned out that Trafalgar Square was the place to go.

Speaking of Reverend Michael, a large change happened in my church at this time. On Wednesday 24th of March, Reverend Michael left LCI Battersea branch to pastor the LCI churches in Germany. As I type this, he’s still there now, faithfully doing the work. What about LCI Battersea? Pastor William Sasu was drafted to be our pastor.

I just thought I’d chip in that Pastor William has been a tremendous blessing to us as our pastor in LCI Battersea. Not many of us truthfully knew who he was even days before his arrival, but after nine months of him with us, it has been like he’s been with us for years! He has an incredible love, extreme presence, and an awesome understanding of God, spiritual things, and pastoring. All of these qualities would come into play very shortly…

Even though I’d officially arranged the evangelism and informed everyone (and even met the SAVED praise and worship team on Sunday to beg specifically for their help), I had a feeling that once again, I was going to be alone to preach. Again, I don’t have a problem with this personally, it doesn’t affect my plans.

Sure enough, I arrived a little early, with the combo and the cross. When I saw how big Trafalgar Square is, I became a little more intimidated than usual. I mean, the place is HUGE! Massive fountains, large roads, and a famous London landmark – the National Gallery. It was something else. I was really going to look crazy today!

I texted Pastor William to tell him I’d arrived, and told him how huge the place was. Pastor Will encouraged me to preach like never before. Suddenly, any awe and nervousness I had left the picture. That’s my pastor!

I looked for a place to preach for about twenty minutes. Finally at 12:30pm, I began to preach, right in front of the National Gallery, looking down on the famous giant steps. (I would’ve preached below the steps, but some police and security kindly moved me and advised me to stand there. Don’t fight the police on evangelism – sometimes they’ll even assist you!)

Where I was preaching, people sit on the steps to eat lunch, to talk, and other things. It felt like a bit like I was preaching to an congregation. I almost said, ‘You may take your seats’, as if they came to hear me!

Actually, some people did stop to hear me. One was a lady who prayed a prayer of salvation when I did an altar call, and she encouraged me to continue. Another person was a man who wanted to ask about the kind of faith that I had to stand and preach, and admitted he didn’t have much himself. Another two people were a couple of Christian Italian girls who actually sat at my feet for a good fifteen minutes or maybe more! Wow. Reminds me of the scripture…

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’
Isaiah 52:7 (NIV)

The one other person who came to the SAVED evangelism was Christine. She took a few pictures, and handed out flyers. Christine is an admirable girl, who is rising up in Christ. I’m not surprised that today, at the time that I’m writing this (December 2010) that she is preaching in the SAVED church in Battersea. She is fully faithful, and the sky’s the limit for her! She will be a power preacher.

(2013 Richie Rich: Christine is now a anointed solo singer in our church today. I would say further than the sky is the limit for her…)

Finally, after nearly two and a half hours in Trafalgar Square, I called it a day. As I packed up, a couple of dudes set up near me to play guitar with their own portable combo. I thought to myself, ‘That’s nice, but it’s not the same as the gospel.’ SAVED Battersea had done it again!

(2013 Richie Rich: I returned here with Zoe in July 2012 while the Olympic Clock was up and running, and it was similarly awesome. You really have to go on outreach at least once in your life to Trafalgar Square, Liverpool Street Station, or another one of these place overflowing with people. The wonderful mix of people will touch you will drive you to win someone’s soul – people who will celebrate you and people who will despise what you’re doing. When you see so many people in one place, you will really wonder… Where are they all going? Heaven or hell? That question will compel you to compel them…)

Saturday 22nd May 2010: Peckham – “Birthday”

Peckham is the home to Lighthouse Chapel International’s first branch in the United Kingdom (formally called Aparche). It’s a decently populated area, particularly on a Saturday. I was going to follow in the footsteps of many of my great brothers and sisters in Aparche, and bring the good news of Jesus Christ to this place!

I’d wanted to go to evangelise in Peckham for a while, I think before wanting to go to Victoria. I’m not sure why it took so long to finally get around to it, but I finally got to arrange it… on my birthday!

Some people go to parties, clubs, and raves for their birthday, other go for a drink. So, I’m privileged to say I went on evangelism for my birthday! The agenda was to go on evangelism, and then move straight to Clapham Junction, as we were have lunch with Pastor William at a Chinese restaurant later in the afternoon.

When I arrived in Peckham’s High Street (or at least, what I thought was Peckham High Street) at around 1pm, the first challenge was were to preach. My plan was to preach in front of a church, but there was a wedding ceremony JUST LEAVING the place as I arrived. It would’ve been a bit indecent of me to even preach near them, so I moved a bit further down the road, opposing the Primark store.

And so began the SAVED evangelism, after setting up the mic and with the big old cross. I preached and handed out flyers. Of course, I got to use the fact that it was my 20th birthday as a window. I said that I would expect a gift today because it was my birthday, but no birthday gift, no Christmas present, and no other gift would be greater than the gift of salvation.

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Romans 6:23

No other SAVED members came to this evangelism. I think they was an all-night prayer meeting for us the night before, so I understood. Also, they may have been getting ready for the fellowship with Pastor Will. And hey, like I’ve said before, I personally expect nothing from anyone when it comes to evangelism! I know how to stand alone for the sake of souls.

The response to the preaching was interesting. As well as talking to people personally and inviting people, there were some encouraging people. One Christian sister walked over from the other side of the road to marvel. She also said that she could see God’s glory over me, amongst other things that may have been prophetic. She encouraged me to press on, as did another older Christian gentleman. He talked about himself not having the bravery to live his faith properly. I prayed for him to recieve boldness to walk in and preach Christ.

Imagine my surprise when I met some of my LCI brethren in Peckham! Lady Pastor Emefa (pastor of the LCI London French church) a couple of her members were on evangelism that day as well. We spoke and encouraged each other, and even let them preach in French for a brief while. It was an experience!

I don’t talk about complimentary people often, because I’m not preaching for people to glorify me. Rubbish! If I wanted compliments and glory, I would take up professional wrestling again! (I was training to be a professional wrestler before I came to Christ.) But I’d be lying if I said that other Christians commending me while I try to preach didn’t encourage me sometimes. I don’t mind talking to other Christians who are inspired by my preaching, and aren’t shy to tell me. My purpose is to seek and save the lost for the Lord, as well as encourage and help other Christians hold on and rise up.

Two hours, zero tracts leftover and a flat battery later, and the SAVED evangelism was finished for the day. I made the long journey to Clapham Junction on a bus (it sure is long when you’re alone with a giant cross and portable combo speaker… not that I’m complaining!), and waiting for the other SAVED members for a spot of lunch with Pastor Will.

I would be remiss to how the SAVED members celebrated my birthday! We had a buffet lunch, where I was mostly quiet. After we finished eating, I sat next to Pastor Will for a bit. Two girls Stephanie and Salem disappeared, and I quickly figured out that something was coming my way for my birthday. I tried to get out of it and go home, but eventually I resisted and they appeared with a lovely looking chocolate cake. Oh my! I told them all I couldn’t think of anyone better to spend my birthday with than them.

I really didn’t want a fuss over my birthday at all, after all, our leader Chris’ birthday is after mine. I felt that emphasis should’ve been put on him – he’s our fearless, tireless leader! I was so happy to celebrate my day with my friends though. That, combined with the opportunity to win souls, made a very memorable 20th birthday.

Why Did I Write This?

Before I recount my last SAVED evangelism, I wanted to quickly tell you why I decided to write these little articles.

Firstly, I wrote it for myself, in a minor sense. Maybe one day I won’t be able to remember my days as the SAVED evangelism leader for one reason or another. Hopefully, I can look back on these articles in the future and be encouraged. Satan wants Christians to forget, but the Lord wants us to remember. (Check out Deuteronomy 8.) I’ve had so much fun! I’ve met so many wonderful people, and spent time with amazing people in my church. I’ll do everything in my power to remember it all, every second of it!

However, my main audience for the Diary of a SAVED Evangelist… is YOU! I wrote this for you, whoever you are reading this, because I want to encourage you to fulfill Christ’s command, and be a person who can share the gospel with people as well.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost
Matthew 28:19

I have many problems. On top of my mountain of issues, I am shy. Don’t believe me if you don’t want to, but I am mostly afraid of talking to people – I have been all my life. I am nervous of speaking to people (especially girls). But in spite of this, and my other problems, I’ve always wanted to evangelise, and so I do! I preach on buses. I preach on trains. I preach on the street. I preach with a mic. I preach without a mic.

If a self-proclaimed shy person like me can be try to win souls and spread the gospel, THEN SO CAN YOU.

You don’t need a pulpit. You don’t need a lot of things. All you need is a desire. Whenever I sit on buses, I wonder ‘who here knows about Jesus Christ? Who knows about the peace of God that passes understanding?’ Whenever I’m talking to an unbeliever, I am looking for an opportunity to talk about the Lord to them. People need to be saved. Jesus said, ‘GO YE!’

If you’re reading this, you can preach. You can win souls. You can bring people to heaven! You can touch the heart of God through sharing the gospel. You might be shy like me, but it is possible. It is not easy, but it is worth it! Please decide today to be a soul winner – the wisest person you can be.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.
Proverbs 11:30

And now, onto my last evangelism with the SAVED church.

Saturday 28th August 2010: Notting Hill Carnival – “The End is Greater Than the Beginning”

Vanessa preaching at the carnival.

Vanessa preaching at the carnival.

(2013 Richie Rich: I have a short video from this crazy evangelism! Spent hours preaching and only caught a couple of minutes of it. :/ Click here to watch the clip now: )

In my church, there’s a yearly Youth Camp for young Christians to get closer to God. (I heard someone made a couple of videos about that somewhere… a Youth Camp movie or something?) Two days before the Camp, I was told that after Youth Camp I was graduating from the SAVED youth church. I’m only 20 years old, but Pastor William wanted me to start a ministry in the main church. It was time to move on.

The final day of Youth Camp was Tuesday 17th August 2010, and that was my last day as a SAVED church member. Funnily enough, the 17th of August was the day I became a Born Again Christian in 2006. It was a good sign – a sign of a new beginning in Christ.

No more youth church services. No more associations or obligations with SAVED. Just a ministry to start from scratch in my church. So you couldn’t expect me to be a part of one last, great SAVED church evangelism at the world famous Notting Hill Carnival, right?

The Aparche SAVED church were going to the Notting Hill Carnival on Saturday 28th of August, and Pastor Jino (London Aparche SAVED church pastor) asked me if they could borrow use LCI Battersea’s evangelism equipment. Fact is, if such a question was never asked, I wouldn’t have gone to evangelise with them.

My plan that day was simple – to go to work until 1pm, and then meet Vanessa (leader of evangelism in Aparche SAVED – Allos!), somehow cast the portable combo and mic off onto her, and then go home and rest. To this day, I don’t remember what compelled me to go with them. But to put a long story short, I found myself going with them! After adding a little bit of help to organise things, at least twenty folk (and me!) hitched a bus to the Notting Hill Carnival together. Our only mission? The Great Comission.

I’d never been to the Notting Hill Carnival before that day. As I spoke to some of the SAVED folk on the way, I’m glad I never did. It seems to me that it’s the ultimate rave to younger people – half-dressed girls, leery men, drinking, provocative music, lusting, and it’s all in broad daylight! There’s definitely an evil spirit behind it. Sorry, I had to say it. Note: I’m not really sorry. It’s just fine protocol.

In past parts of the Diary of a Saved evangelist, I’ve described how big some of the places are, and how many people were there. Well, the Notting Hill Carnival might’ve been the largest number of people I’ve had the chance to preach to. Approximately 1 million people visit the Notting Hill Carnival every year, over a two-day period. This includes 4000 police officers. An unfortunate 200+ people were given medical treatment at the 2010 carnival.

Fortunately, none of them was us. On the contrary, the young people of the SAVED church were coming to deliver our own brand of medical treatment – the love-filled good news of Jesus Christ!

When we arrived at the carnival, the many SAVED members were put into groups of three or four, and went right into the harvest of souls. Some of them had wonderful experiences, which they’ve talked about on the SAVED website – that’s for your information. Me? I was stationed in the middle of the street, doing my thing – preaching the Word of God.

Times like this, with so many people walking past, going about their business, I really wonder what it is I’m actually doing. Am I effective? Am I saving souls? I’ve realised over the last year that evangelism is a seed-scattering business. The Bible says in Mark 4 that the sower sows his seed. Some grow, and some don’t. Verse 14 says ‘the sower soweth the Word.’ Fact is, the Word of God needs to be sown into people, whether it hits their hearts of not. It’s our duty as Christians – not evangelists, but just CHRISTIANS – to sow the Word of God into people. Some will listen, some won’t. But we MUST give them the chance.

I informed Vanessa before we arrived that I needed someone to stay with me as I preached, for security. (Two are better than one! That’s in Ecclesiastes.) She offered herself to stay, and I was more than pleased. Vanessa is a wonderful human-being with a gorgeous spirit. She was extremely humble that day, encouraging me to preach and stopping to evangelise to people one-on-one that I pointed out to her to offer them Christ. She has a bright future ahead of her in her honest walk with the Lord.

Open-air preaching went on for three hours, by my watch. The big portable combo went flat after an hour, and I had to resort to my handheld megaphone. (I wasn’t the only one that day with a megaphone by the way – hi Princess!) Even Vanessa preached aloud for a little bit. Just like in my first open air evangelism way back in July of 2009, my buddy Saudiq appeared. He’s responsible for the only pictures I have of this day.

Towards the end of the evangelism, I prayed for five or six young men to give their lives to Christ. I sincerely hope it’s the beginning of Christ being born into their lives. After all, that’s the objective!

I have to mention some of the funny things of this day. One dude (perhaps slightly intoxicated) attempted to take my mic twice. Another less physical brother gave Vanessa and I a free Carnival whistle. I still have it! The same person bought me a Coca-Cola. I put the can down for about five minutes, and when I went to sip it, Vanessa had drunk my Coke! All of my Coke! I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN, VAN! (2013 Richie: And I still haven’t! I kept the can!) Fortunately Clive, one of the SAVED members, compensated me with some sweets. And don’t worry about Vanessa – she had bought me a bottle of water already.

Young men who gave their lives to Christ right in the middle of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Young men who gave their lives to Christ right in the middle of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Evangelism began at around 3:30pm, and wrapped up at around 7pm. I had preached on a mic for about three hours – a first for me. I don’t think I preached for long when I started. But as the Bible says, the end is greater than the beginning…

Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.
Job 8:7

The SAVED church folk and I journeyed together back to Peckham, we a few of us had a buffet dinner. (It was NOT a Chinese buffet, I insisted.) We fellowshipped and reflected on our experiences.

What a way to end my tenure in the SAVED church. I must’ve preached to hundreds of people that day. In cars, on foot, police officers – nobody could escape at least hearing a little about Jesus Christ today. I only wish I had the giant cross, for a fantastic visual to the people.

But I had done my part. Not just on this day, but for the whole time. For fourteen months as the SAVED evangelism leader, I had many things I wish I’d done differently, but I had been satisfied. I had given myself, without a doubt. I became – as best as I could – the Saved evangelist. I hope the Lord is pleased with me! The hunger in me to try and win souls had been used, and now I had more experience, grace, and anointing to launch out even further in the future for the Lord.

And I couldn’t have prayed for a better ending!

Photo and Video Gallery

It’s good to have these great adventures for the Lord captured. Here’s some photos from the SAVED evangelisms. When I look at them, I’m reminded of what good things the Lord has done for me, and what He can do when He works in a young person. 🙂

Click on any image to get a larger version. When view a full photo, press escape or the corner X to return to the article.

Inspiring Words, Questions, and Favourites


Anything to draw your attention to the Lord Jesus Christ…

A few short, inspiring words which guided me throughout SAVED evangelism.

“So what are you going to do about it?” – Amma Duodu in 2007. She said this in response to something I didn’t like seeing. Now, if I don’t like the fact that people aren’t in Christ? I will do something about it.

“Go on outreach everyday.” – Pastor Jino in 2009. When I asked him for advise to be a good evangelism leader, this is what he said. I’m still trying!

“Young people have the spirit of adventure. Use it!” – Reverend Michael in 2010. We were talking about evangelism one day and this is what he said. And it’s true!

“Evangelism needs to be well organised.” – Chris in 2010. I asked him what to do about some problems I faced as leader, and he said this. I couldn’t have tried as much as I did without this statement!

There are plenty more, from all kinds of people, but I can’t add everything. Almost everyone I’ve encountered has had something powerful to add to my life in evangelism, and some people will never know. God bless you all… I don’t what I’d be without you.

What inspired me to preach: Since I was Born Again in August 2006, I’ve always had an itch to tell people about the gospel. It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to speak about Christ. You don’t know how many times I’ve been frightened out of preaching! Still, to this day, I’m pretty nervous. But once you start, the anointing and grace begins to flow. You just have to start.

In terms of open-air preaching (that’s preaching in a street or city with a loudspeaker), Reverend Michael Amoh is my inspiration. Since he took LCI Battersea on evangelism in Oxford Circus in 2007, my life has never been the same. I’m honoured to have even shared the same loudspeaker as Reverend Michael!

Favourite evangelism: You might find this cliché, but every single evangelism was my favourite. No matter the circumstance, anytime I got to host a SAVED evangelism was an honour.

I can tell you that my most important evangelism was in Streatham (July 2009), because it taught me that I must be prepared to stand alone for Christ. And if I could relive any single evangelism again from beginning to end, it would be Shepherd’s Bush (March 2010). Notting Hill Carnival (August 2010) and Clapham Common (July 2009) are close second. I definitely enjoyed every chance to preach.

Favourite song before evangelism: All The Earth by Parachute Band. Look it up on YouTube. Reverend Michael introduced the song to LCI Battersea in early 2010. It encourages me that gradually, by the faithfulness to the Christian life and the work of the ministry, the whole earth will love Him…

Favourite person met on evangelism: I’ve met a few angry people. I’ve met people who’ve wanted to fight me. I absolutely love persecution for the gospel’s sake, because you know what the Bible says…

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 5:10

However, my favourite person was in Clapham Junction in June 2010. Someone blessed me with a £5 note and some change while I was preaching. (This wasn’t the person!) After preaching for a while longer, someone brought a small lady over the street for me to pray for her. She was homeless, and didn’t have any money. I immediately stopped preaching, put my microphone down and prayed for her. I gave her the £5 note and invited her to my church. She gave me a kiss and went on her way. I hope she is well. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my favourite person that I’ve ever met while on evangelism, any time in London.

Master List of Places Preached in 2009 – 2010

Finally, this is a list of everywhere I’ve preached about Jesus between June 2009 and August 2010. (That’s the duration which I was SAVED Battersea’s outreach leader.) Note: this list doesn’t include how many times I preached at the place. In some cases, such as preaching in Croydon or on a 50 bus, I did that multiple times by God’s grace.

Battersea (February 2010)
Brixton (November 2009)
Clapham Common (July 2009)
Clapham Junction (December 2009)
Croydon (November 2009)
Marble Arch (April 2010)
Moorgate (April 2010)
Notting Hill Gate (August 2010)
Peckham (May 2010)
Shepherd’s Bush (March 2010)
Streatham (July 2009)
Tooting Broadway (February 2010)
Trafalgar Sqaure (April 2010)
Victoria (March 2010)
Vauxhall (November 2009)
Total: 1

36, 37, 44, 50, 53, 57, 122, 185, 250, 319, 333, 343, 344, 345, 417, 436, 468, P12
Total: 18

Northen Line
Total: 1

It’s been wonderful to share some of my life with you in this little series. I pray it has been a blessing and a perhaps a little bit of Godly inspiration for you. I pray that God will raise more evangelists, more soul winners, and more hungry Christians in this day and age, in Jesus’ name… Amen. 🙂

A picture of Richard Walker holding the cross in a London street.

Thanks for your responses to How to Preach on a Bus   2 comments


Bear fruit in the kingdom on your journey by bus preaching!

Way back in July, I published an article called How to Preach on a Bus and Other Public Transport. I am a bus preacher and I wanted to share my limited experience to see if it could help anyone. The article is a success in that regard by God’s mercy and grace. Almost 6 months on, I just want to say thank you to every reader. (If you would like to read it, click here to read my bus evangelism guide, and click here to watch the video.)

Thanks for taking your time to check out my bus evangelism guide. It is a topic dear to my heart, because I almost never get on a bus without thinking about sharing Jesus with someone or everyone. Even if it’s just a flash of my brightly coloured JESUS IS LORD shirt, I want to radically raise the awareness of the truth in Jesus Christ. I want Christ to be seen and felt more in this world than the X Factor, more than Tupac, and more than any sexually provocative singers because there is salvation in no other!

So again, thank you! Thanks for reading my bus preaching article. Thanks for sharing it. Thanks for leaving any message about it, on my Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts. Thanks for talking to me about it in person. Thank you for using it for the purpose which I made it – to encourage you to stand up and preach about the Saviour Jesus Christ.

I’m excited, elated, and encouraged when people said the bus preaching guide helped them to witness. One young lady in England told me she witnessed on multiple buses for the first time. I also found that a youth church in the United States used the guide to preach powerfully and shamelessly on some trains. Those are just a couple of examples. God is so pleased with you, because he wants you to preach to every nation! I’ve heard many things about my bus evangelism article, even humbling comments from reverend ministers. But my favourite responses are when people have swallowed their fears, shaken some legions of demons, and declared Jesus as Lord on a bus, train, tram or submarine. Then I know my work was done.

This wasn’t meant to be a long article, so I’ll wrap it up here. Recently I was preaching on a bus in East London and I was having so much fun personally. Bishop Dag said that he is ‘absolutely thrilled by evangelism’ (AOL 21) and I can say the same. I really love to share about outreach as well and your responses have been so encouraging and strengthening. So thank you!

I believe there’s a grace here at this little blog to bear more fruit for the kingdom of God. Watch this space. Keep reading, keep preaching, and keep trying to live for Jesus. He wants you!

What do you say in 2013, we have a new article… How to Preach on a Street? What do you think? 😀

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How to Preach on a Bus and Other Public Transport (Part 2)   12 comments

I challenge you to preach on your train, bus, or submarine today!

Howdy! Welcome to round 2 of my guide to preaching on public transport for Jesus. This includes a video of me preaching (click here to watch), and talk on overcoming fear, interruptions and dealing with them, and more.

You are more than capable of bus preaching! You are harder than any hard-hearted unbeliever – you’re made of the Lord, and you have nothing to fear. (Psalm 27:1) The purpose of this guide is to give you more understanding of evangelism, and to challenge to preach on a bus today in Jesus’ name.

Just to recap quickly, this is how I preach on a bus in 4 easy steps:

  • Encourage yourself and stand up
  • Share the gospel message with 3 points
  • Give a practical methods to seek Jesus, or pray a sinner’s prayer
  • Sit down, and optional follow up can begin

For more detail on the steps, click here to read part 1. Without any further adieu, let’s dive in!


A Video of My Bus Evangelism

If you’re having trouble starting preaching on buses, this is for you. The easiest way I can show you how to preach on public transport is to literally show you! A friend from my church took a video of me preaching on a bus and I’ve obtained it for your viewing pleasure. Look over my points of how to Preach on a Bus in 4 Steps in the previous part, and see if you can identify how I’ve structured my message. This isn’t my longest bus evangelism, and I didn’t pray for anyone, so you can add that in to your own attempts to win souls.

Click here to watch me preaching on a bus in London.

Overcoming Fear

You have nothing to fear while preaching on this train…

The most common thing I hear from people who want to preach on public transport is along these lines, ‘I’d like to do it more, but something just stops me there’. This chapter is for anyone who WANTS to preach on buses, unfortunately fear stops you. Please read this whole, short chapter if you have ever felt fearful about preaching. Let’s own up – it’s not an easy feat to just stand up and talk to strangers about Jesus, is it?

You’re not alone in feeling afraid to preach on public transport. Don’t beat yourself up about it or say to yourself, ‘Maybe I’m not meant to do this.’ You have the burden to evangelise for a reason! I usually get nervous about preaching on a bus, and I don’t always win over the nervousness. However we need to go ye therefore and teach all nations (Matthew 28:18), so how do we overcome these scaredy feelings?

Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.
Jeremiah 1:8

What a scripture. All I can say is just GO FOR IT. Wouldn’t it be easier to preach if we ministering to goats? But no, we’re talking to people, who can freeze you with their frowns, shaking heads, or refusal to look your way. My friend, if you feel that you must stand up and preach, ditch your fears and go for it. The Lord is with you to deliver you from any intimidating face, any unholy interruption, and any work of the enemy. God is our strength, and He will make your message work.

How I Overcome Fearful Feelings
As best I can, when I preach on a bus I keep eye contact with everyone looking at me. I want to look into people’s faces, not only to engage them, but to show that I’m not intimidated. I try to smile and appear calm because I have nothing to fear. The Word says DON’T be afraid of their faces. I don’t care if they disapprove – I am preaching for the sake of those who will listen, not for the critics!

The most common fears I encounter are the fear of the unknown (What will happen as I stand to talk about the Lord today?), and the fear of rejection (Who will ignore the message? Who will reject Christ for me daring to stand and ruin their journey?). If you sit in your seat and review the risks in your mind, you will suffer from Paralysis By Analysis – an inability to do anything because you’re thinking too hard. If you’re supposed to preach, go first and think later! I hardly think about bus evangelism. I try to get up and start before my brain kicks in to tell me that maybe this wasn’t a good idea!

A personal proverb I use to convince myself to stand up sometimes is ‘Someone will be blessed.‘ On occasion, I think to myself, ‘Preaching today will be a waste of time. There’s no point.’ But the Bible says the Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper then a two-edged sword, and it pierces to the deepest parts of the mind and the heart. (Hebrews 4:12) The Word is so powerful that one sentence can change a cut a whole life in two. Even you if only give one scripture, someone will definitely be pushed towards Christ if you preach the Word today.

Recently I preached on a bus in the evening – everyone was talking. When I clapped my hands to get their attention, barely anyone looked my way. As I begun to share, no-one stopped their conversation. I thought they couldn’t hear me so I raised my voice – no effect. It was like I had put on the invisible cream from Tom & Jerry! In the far left corner of the bus, I noticed one man looking at me; I thought he was sleepy or something. I finished and sat down dissuaded – I felt maybe I should have done a bit of one-to-one evangelism. A few stops later, the ‘sleepy’ fellow from the bus corner said ‘thank you’ as to me he got off. If no one else was touched by the Lord, perhaps this one fellow was. Folks, someone will be blessed as you preach.

Two Are Better Than One!
If preaching on buses alone is a bit much for you, a good way to start is with another person. It is easier to preach with familiar faces! The Bible says two are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9) In Lighthouse Chapel International (the church I attend), when we send out missionaries to start churches they are normally sent in a group – at least in a pair. If fear really grips you when you want to preach on your own, make a vow to always preach on a bus when you’re with a Christian friend. The presence of a familiar face will encourage you to pull through anything you will receive. Try it! As you grow in grace, you will grow out of needing a friend!

Above all my fellow Bible-believer, you don’t need to fear. Be strong in the Lord, do not let yourself be intimidated. You are harder than anything that can come against you. You are the head and not the tail, and you are more than capable of preaching on a bus. Dare yourself to stand up for Jesus today. You will never regret it!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Getting Interrupted

If you preach a few times on a bus or train, your neatly constructed message will certainly be tested. You can’t escape it – someone’s going to interrupt you sooner or later. But it doesn’t matter, because the devil is a liar and so is his mother-in-law; you can survive anything in Jesus’ name. 😀 You can even use the stones thrown as stepping stones to win more souls and plant more seeds. Here are 3 interruptions I receive frequently while bus preaching and how I think you can react.

  1. Pharisees. Just like the know-it-alls Jesus encountered throughout the gospels, as you preach on a few buses you will definitely run into some lovely people who think they know better than the Word of God. (And yet, they are probably not helping anyone with their divine revelations. Irony much?) These are the guys who will commonly shout-out things like, ‘How do you know?’ Perhaps even ‘You can’t tell people how to think!’ Or my personal favourite, ‘You can’t prove what you’re saying!’

    The key to surviving such interruptions is to carry on.
    Honestly, I can tell you how to answer some of these people but the aim of a Pharisee is stop the gospel being spread, so just do not stop. It’s that simple. If they won’t stop talking, just preach over them! Don’t worry about any physical contact – demons go wild at the sight of the Lord, but the people won’t dare touch or harm you with so many witnesses. If there are Christians on the bus with you, they may encourage you to continue. If you have a capable Christian friend with you, let them sit by the offending person and converse with them one-on-one– this can distract them enough to let you finish. By all means, finish your message.

    As long as you are decent and composed, the people who keep quiet will feel sympathetic toward you because you have been abused standing up for what you believe in. This will actually work in your favour, as it draws them closer to your message and to Christ because you have suffered unjustly to obey God, just like our Saviour did on the cross.

    One thing I like to remember in the middle of heckling is that I am blessed. God has made me bold and confident enough to public speak on His behalf. The person interrupting is not as courageous as the Lord as made me today. They don’t have as much faith in the Lord as I do. It’s true – if evolution is so beautiful and true (and it’s not), why did you wait for me to talk about Jesus to give me your lecture? 😛 Bus preachers, the Lord has made your feet beautiful. Don’t doubt yourself. (Isaiah 52:7)

    Sometimes people are genuinely inconvenienced by you preaching on their bus, e.g. they’re on the phone.
    Many times people have said to me, ‘Excuse me, I’m on the phone!’ Have mercy and put yourself in their shoes. Don’t stop preaching, but maybe try to preach a little quieter, or point your voice away from them so they can concentrate better. Maybe quickly assure them you won’t be long. As much as possible, don’t let people find a fault with your preaching.

  2. Questions. Fingers on the buzzers! There are two types of questions people ask – non-serious, and serious. If anyone ever calls out a question to you, quickly discern whether it is made to confuse you, or if it is genuine. If the question is not serious, give a non-serious answer and carry on preaching. If someone says, ‘What planet are you from?’ I’ll say, ‘Perhaps Mars.’ Never insult anyone back, but give an answer and move on. You may need be more quick-witted to hand out answers but it is not worth getting stuck on a cheeky person who wants to cut your message.

    A serious question is easier to answer. It might be a personal question or about God (e.g. do you have to go to church to be a Christian?). Simply answer it firmly and carry on. One day, I was preaching when I said that God has given me a more abundant life (John 10:10), and freed me from addiction. Suddenly, a woman blurted out ‘What addiction did God save you from?’ I quickly answered, ‘I used to masturbate and watch pornography, but God is stamping it out of my life.’ I continued to the end of my message, and after I sat down, the woman approached me… She thanked me for preaching and shamelessly answering her question. She blessed me with a book and prayed for me to continue in my works. Give firm answers to good questions, move on from bad ones and carry on preaching. 🙂

  3. Authorities. Many times I have stood to start preaching, only to have the driver flash on his screen ‘No standing on the upper deck or stairs please.’ What do you do? Press on and preach with power? No, no, and NO! If the bus driver or police clearly ask you to sit, if I were you I’d finish my message in one sentence and take my seat immediately with a smile.It may be embarrassing, but if you respect the authority of the driver, you will win the hearts of people.

    Let me explain: by standing up on a bus to talk about religion, to some you look like a hooligan attempting to cause trouble. If you show submission to authority however, you are showing how meek and well-meaning you truly are. It won’t matter that your anointed message has been cut off, because your reaction of meekness is a greater message. You are blessed because you have been persecuted. Jesus meekly gave in to execution under Pontius Pilate, and His death on the cross – without words – is the greatest message ever told. Passengers will admire this fruit of the Spirit on your life. They will respect your Lord and consequently soon be open to salvation.

    But the fruit of the Spirit is… Meekness…
    Galatians 5:22-23

Hope that helps. The good handling of an interruption while preaching will let you finish, and even affect more souls. Go for it!

Improve Your Bus Evangelism!

As you go on ministering on public transport, you will quickly wonder how you can do it better. A good message will leave a lasting impact on the listener – even if a person is not convicted for Christ straight away, the grace of God behind your words can permanently burn the gospel into their mind. In Bishop Dag Heward-Mills‘ best-selling book Lay People and the Ministry, he lists 29 strategies to improve preaching and teaching. It is one of the best chapters of this book and every person who works with evangelism should read this chapter. (You can purchase this book from his website by clicking here.) I won’t list all 29, but here’s some that have transformed my evangelism capabilities. Apply them and become a stronger preacher!

Just flashing your keys during your message could be the key to someone understanding Jesus.

Use Windows in Your Preaching
Nothing to do with Microsoft. 😀 Windows are illustrations, funny stories, or real life examples that allow people to ‘see’ into what you’re preaching. Using windows in bus evangelism to crucial because a good window will explain to someone the Word of God and why they need salvation.

Jesus Christ Himself preached using parables (stories) for people to understand his messages. The stories of our Lord, including the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son, are captivating stories that illustrate the heart of God, and will never be forgotten. You as a preacher, and your message will never be forgotten if you include windows.

What windows do I use? Without hesitation, one of my best involves my house keys. After quoting John 14:6 and explaining that there is only one way to God, I will say something like this, ‘Jesus is your only route to heaven folks. What I am saying is like a key – have a look at this. (I will lift and jingle my keys.) This is the key to my house. If you want to get in my house and have the good things inside, you must have THIS key. No other key works. In the same way, if you want to go to heaven, you will need the metaphorical key of Jesus Christ. Without the key of Jesus Christ, you will not be able to know the true God or go to heaven. So do you have the key of Jesus?’ This is my visual window to show people only Jesus takes you to heaven, and I use it a lot!

Why do I use the key example? It is easy to execute and to understand. I always have my keys with me, and whenever I pull them out and say, ‘Hey everyone, look at my keys,’ nearly everyone looks. When I break down the message, it is simple and difficult to forget. One day, a young lady in my church used my key example preaching on a bus herself. Days after preaching on a bus, a gentleman recognised her as the girl who talked about the key. I was encouraged when she told me this. Can such a simple window lead to salvation? Yes it can, because all things are possible. (Mark 9:23)

I inject different life experiences into my messages – the more unusual or relatable, the better. I talk about myself working in McDonald’s in 2008, being hit by a car in 2010, my grandad passing away in 2012, and others. It makes you look interesting and human. What stories and visual examples can you use to win a soul?

As soon as you begin to give them a story that explains the message, they will understand. People especially love to hear things about your personal life. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

You must have a command of current events.
People generally don’t connect to preaching that has nothing to do with them. But when you can explain Christ through things happening in real time, you will help people to understand and relate with you. Understanding often = salvation. Not just serious events like wars and elections, but entertainment and sport events like American Idol or the World Cup.

Warning – don’t mention things that interest you. Mention things that are relevant. I like old TV shows like BBC’s Robot Wars and I can tell you all about it, but it’s not relevant to the average British person on a bus. Don’t go preaching to a bus full of young caucasian men about Nigerian movies – you will lose them before you start. On the other hand, Euro 2012 just finished recently and if you mention it, you are now diving into someone’s heart. I never grew up with football or soccer, but I force myself to take an interest in it (and other popular things) so I can reach more people. What is happening in your city or country this week or this month? What major TV programs are sweeping the nation? It is worth taking a moderate interest in it to see a soul saved.

Relate your preaching to current events that may be affecting the members in anyway. It helps them to relate to your preaching. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

Catch the Anointing to Teach
Anointing is the Spirit of the Lord upon something or someone for God’s purpose. If Jesus Christ Himself needed the Spirit upon him to preach to people, how much more you and me to preach on buses?

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
Luke 4:18-19

It is the anointing we need if we want whole buses full of people to give themselves to the Lord. The anointing will turn your shyness into boldness! The anointing will enable you to do what you could only dream of doing! I believe I’ve caught something from my first pastor Reverend Michael Amoh. It was watching him evangelise boldly that nutured feelings in me to try the same, and listening to his messages that exposed me to level of working for the Lord. 🙂 I need to go much deeper however, because I need more anointing!

You must frequently listen to sermons/messages from men of God if you want an anointing to minister. This is beyond Sundays and weekday meetings – it should be a daily occurrence, in your own time. There is no two ways about it – anointing doesn’t come from listening to Tupac or watching EastEnders. (In fact you’ll get something much worse from Tupac, but that’s a different article!) If can you spend hours on the TV or internet, you are perfectly capable for spending time listening to audio and video sermons. Don’t pretend! You must use your time to study, and soak in the messages of pastors. You will learn how to preach, good examples, good windows – and above all the Spirit of the Lord will be upon you.

The anointing makes the difference in ministry, not strategies and cunning ideas. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

Here are some shorter thoughts for improving your bus evangelism. Buy Lay People and the Ministry and read the full anointed messages!

Vary the tone of your voice… Anything that is monotonous (one tone) is boring.

Dress nicely and appropriately… Your dressing can upgrade your youthful appearance and make you acceptable before an elderly crowd.

Preach with emotion… Your expressionless and lifeless sermon is contagious and will minister death. – Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

Follow Up Is Very Important

As mentioned in part 1, bus evangelism is not personal because you are addressing multiple people. Since this style of evangelism can lack this one-to-one touch, it may take a little more to actually WIN a person’s soul. After you sit down from ministering, speaking to the individuals who need a personal touch will bear you more fruit.

Sometimes after preaching I can see the questions on people’s faces. I can see they want more, but if I just retire to my chair and eat Malteasers, these people may go to hell with their fears and questions. No, we must follow them. Speak to anyone who couldn’t take their eyes off you, who nodded while you preached. Offer them a tract and your phone number. They may need a church! They may need a friend! When you engage them personally, they can ask you questions they wouldn’t have been able to. They can open themselves to you, like you have to them.

Not pursuing individuals ripe for salvation will lose you plenty of good opportunities to bear fruit. Making an effort to stay in touch with the souls you meet will make a difference in the souls that you actually win.

When you stay in touch with a person, you have more ways and opportunities to win their soul for Jesus. You can develop a friendship, you can continue to minister to them, you can encourage them in the Christian walk, you can invite them to your church, and much more. You will certainly bear more fruit if you stop to water the seed you have sown on evangelism.

These things will help you stay in touch with people you meet:

  • Your church’s details. Giving the address, phone number(s) and meeting times of your church gives the person the freedom to visit the house of God at anytime. And believe me, when they want Christ, they will! Always carry flyers or tracts with the address and phone number of your church with you on any journey.
  • YOUR details. Now, information for your church is helpful. But remember – some people are different. Some people may not want to come to church (yet) as they are unsure, have insecurities, or unanswered problems with churches. However, as YOU have preached and touched them, they can trust you. Below are some of the ways you should make yourself available…
  • A mobile phone number. Take the phone number of the person. Give them regular calls and texts, engage them and become their friends. If you want to bring them to church, they will come as your relationship develops and they see that you care for them.
  • A smartphone with BlackBerry Messenger or WhatsApp. These are commonly used mobile messenger apps. Many people with a smartphone uses these with moderate frequency, and may even prefer it to text messaging.Some people are different: some are on WhatsApp and some on BBM (usually younger folks). Which one should you get? I think you should get a BB to have the best of both worlds. Most smartphones have WhatsApp, but only BlackBerry phones get BBM. Recently I got a BlackBerry 9360 simply so I reach people on both apps. I really wanted a different phone but I knew I’d regret not taking the chance to get in touch with people over BBM. I have not regretted  investing in a BlackBerry for this one reason.Go for both BBM and WhatsApp so you can reach more souls. If you find yourself mostly reaching young people, I would even say it’s a standard.
  • A Facebook account and a Twitter page. As of 2012, Facebook has over 950 million users worldwide, and Twitter has over 300 million. These are the strongest and most notable free social networks at the moment. You have to get into them to get some people for the Lord. It may not be your thing, but you have to try and become like some people so that you may win them. (1 Corinthians 9:22) There are some people you will meet who may never pick up your call, but will answer your Facebook messages. Exploit these methods for the sake of souls.

Well, this is all I will say about bus evangelism for this article. Depending on the laws of your country, bus evangelism may or may not be possible. But if it is possible, give it a try. If you can physically speak, you can speak for Jesus. If you can ask a stranger for the time without shame, you can ask a stranger if he knows about Jesus Christ. There is a lost generation of people who need the love and salvation of the Lord. Give them a chance to meet the Saviour of the world. I wrote this guide and made this video to show that YOU can stand up and preach for Jesus – it is possible.

Do it with a friend, do it with a group, do it alone. However you preach, please go out there and tell the world about Jesus Christ. You are the only Jesus some people will ever meet, and the only Bible some people may ever read.

I really would like to hear if you have used the guide or watched the video, or any questions or criticisms you have. I especially would love to hear if you preach on any public transport and how it went for you. Leave a comment below, or on my Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts.

Where are you going to preach? 🙂

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How to Preach on a Bus and Other Public Transport (Part 1)   36 comments

You can save a soul for Jesus by preaching on your bus or train!

Update 13/08/2012: Click to read part 2, with a bus preaching video!

There you are on that bus again. Waiting to get to your stop, minding your own business. Yet, as you sit there… you have an itch to tell someone – anyone – about Jesus. You have an itch to encourage someone to avoid hell, and find hope in Jesus to go to heaven. To tell someone that only Jesus is Lord and share how God has worked miracles in your life. And you don’t just want to tell that one person to your left or right, but everyone. Perhaps the only way to scratch your itch is to stand up right there and proclaim the gospel.

Or you want to preach on that train or bus, but something stops you faster than the England team in a soccer tournament. Questions run through your mind. What will I say when I when stand up? What will they say when I stand up? Will I get in trouble? Will this really work? Hey – I wrote this for you! 🙂

Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life, and no man goes to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6) Yet, many people do not know, believe, or properly follow the Son of God. You can make a difference to someone’s trip to heaven by taking a stand (literally) and witnessing publically for the Lord.

I have preached on buses throughout London for a little while and I want to show you how I do it. I’m not Superman and I don’t have an S on my chest, but I can help you kick Lex Luthor off the bus so you can preach. I want to share my thoughts on the power of bus evangelism and why it is a good work for the Lord. I want to answer some questions about public preaching and hopefully equip you with something to use in your daily life. This guide is for any Christian who wants to stand up and preach on a bus, train, tram, boat, space shuttle, and submarine – any form of public transportation. It may be useful to you, it may not. I pray it is a blessing to you either way. Let’s get to it, shall we? 😀

Note: Throughout this guide when I say ‘bus evangelism’, I do mean preaching on any public transport. It’s tedious to write ‘public transport’ over and over. I hope you understand. 😉


Click on a chapter title to view it.

How I Began Preaching on Buses

It’s not a long story! I remember the moment preaching on a bus entered my mind – I was on a 319 on the way to church. I saw a bunch of boys in one area of the bus. I wanted to speak to them, but I wanted to speak to some women on the other side too. And those nice old ladies. And that quiet one from the school out of town. I was soon going to end up speaking to no-one as I wanted to tell too many people about Jesus. But I wouldn’t have time to speak to them all! The solution then became obvious – get up and preach.

I don’t remember if I preached on that bus, or when exactly was my first time, but sometime in summer 2009 I went for it.

The rest is history. Between August 2009 and 2010, I preached on 18 different bus routes in London (not including the multiple times I preached on a single bus route – for example I preached on many 37 buses over the year). I prayed with a few to be saved and gave many tracts over that year. From these seed sowing efforts, people have joined churches, recognise me in London streets and want to be encouraged in the Lord.

I have no intentions of stopping in Jesus’ name!

Soul winning is the ultimate job for the whole church.Dag Heward-Mills, Lay People and the Ministry

How Effective Is Bus Evangelism?

An empty London bus.

Souls will occupy those seats. Will you preach on this bus?

The most simple way I see bus evangelism is this: bus preacher stands up, delivers a message, bus preacher sits down. It is a very effective form of evangelism because you are given a chance to deliver the love of God and a chance to be saved, and the people (by the Holy Spirit) can choose to give their lives to Christ instantly, or take a change in their heart or more knowledge of Jesus (which results in giving their lives to Christ). I see bus preaching as a seed sowing exercise – people may not respond immediately, but if done properly you will put Jesus in the heart of someone.

Effectiveness of bus evangelism is often compared to ‘one-to-one’ evangelism. Open-air evangelism involves a person preaching to a crowd of people – this is what bus evangelism falls under. ‘One-to-one’ evangelism involves speaking to people in a conversational manner, often to one person at a time. Understand the key difference between the two: open-air evangelism is NOT personal by nature. When you preach on a bus, you are addressing masses and not individuals. It’s like a church service where people are not personally put into a direct conversation with the message giver, but are made to listen to a single message. It has advantages and disadvantages. (Don’t we all? 😀 )

You might think that bus preaching is a public disturbance, and that people need to given the gospel personally for it to succeed. You’re right: it is a public disturbance. People are trying to go to places, and having religious lecture was not included in their bus fare. I don’t really like being disturbed on the bus myself when I’m having a quiet moment. It’s also a health hazard to stand on the top of a moving double decker bus in London, so when you stand to preach you’re risking your health and the driver’s integrity. To top it off, people can perceive a bus preacher as a self-righteous trouble maker and miss the message of Jesus entirely. All of these things are true.

However, here’s a reality of life for you: SOME PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. Not everyone goes through the same circumstances or has the same personality. Many people come to the same junction by different ways. For example, I recently watched a documentary on Channel 4 called Lifers, about people in prison. One person said before he went to prison he had no qualifications, but since he committed murder and was jailed he has been taking Maths and English courses. You may have your Maths grade from high/secondary school – this fellow got his by killing a person and going to prison. Same junction… different paths. My point is people will come to Christ through different methods, because some people are different. Bus preaching is one those methods, so try it!

The secret to good bus preaching is if you can use it’s advantages and make up for it’s disadvantages. It is an opportunity to address people publically about Jesus and offer them a chance to be saved – exploit it’s advantages and you will sow many seeds that will become Christians.

Here are 4 advantages I have found with bus preaching:

  1. Public preaching is Biblical! Jesus used both styles of evangelism to win people over, and He is the greatest example. Our Saviour personally spoke to a woman by a well (John 4:1-30), and spoke in a public, non-conversational manner to Jewish leaders (John 5:16 onwards), synagogues including his hometown of Nazareth (Luke 4:16-19) and many crowds (with healing miracles). Jesus was not a one-hit wonder, he delivered the messages God wanted Him to in public.The book of Acts has many famous public sermons that won souls. My favourite is Peter’s in Acts 2:14:-41. 3000 souls were won that day! Outstanding! By being a ‘public disturbance’ you can help bring a whole village to Christ! If Peter, who denied Jesus three times can be used by God to harvest so many Christians, how about you? You are not too shy to preach on a bus, train or anywhere. You can do it! You can deliver a passionate message and harvest a whole double decker bus of people for Jesus Christ. You can step onto a train and every passenger can weep and begin to believe in God. You can deliver a message and even a miracle so powerfully that people will empty the bus just like the disciples left their fishing boat to follow Jesus. (Matthew 4:18-19) I believe I will see them happen in my lifetime. You will see it as well in Jesus’ name.It is time to go all the way with our public preaching skills. I want to be more like Jesus. It is possible!
  2. Your boldness alone will inspire people. Being any sort of public speaker is a courageous, admirable quality, and being a preacher for Jesus is the most bold, admirable task you can ever give yourself. Bible says He will make His ministers a flame of fire (Psalm 104:4) and it takes a Christian on fire to stand up and preach for Jesus. And only hot Christians can make others catch fire for the Lord. People are often afraid to take a firm decision for one faith and more afraid to let everyone know what it is – if you take a stand for Jesus, people will admire you deep down, and that admiration will go to the Lord because all the glory is actually His.Some people may not understand your accent. Some people may not hear you – they might be listening to music or don’t speak your language. But people will admire the power of Jesus just because you are brave enough to stand up in the middle of strangers just for Him. This alone can be the beginning of someone’s salvation when they ask themselves ‘What is so great that he’ll make this person so courageous.’
  3. Your force will give people a chance to be saved.Let’s face it… If you preach on a bus, you are forcing people to listen to you. However, it is a very good thing because people who would reject your personal evangelism aren’t cut out – they can hear the gospel through your mass evangelism.Some people are different: some people will not let you speak to them personally about Jesus for various reasons – i.e. they’re shy, they don’t believe, or some other reason. But if you stand up on a bus and speak for Jesus, they HAVE to hear you and they have no choice. People can’t get away without hearing something from the Lord. It’s a forceful way of looking at it, but the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force (Matthew 11:12). This is heaven and hell we’re talking about – tactful force is necessary. 😀 If you stand up and deliver the message of the gospel, the person who would’ve rejected you if tried to engage them personally has a chance to be saved. It may be the message that takes them to heaven ultimately.It is the epitome of seed sowing – planting seeds wherever you can hoping that some will grow. The more you sow, the more you reap. (Galatians 6:9) The more you chances you provide people to be saved, the more likely people will be saved. Even a sentence from the Bible can set somebody on the road to salvation – be the one to give it to them.
  4. Your wise time use will win surely some souls. In a university lecture with 100 students, the lecturer will deliver his message faster if he speaks to all 100 students at once. If a lecturer spoke to every student individually instead, every lecture would take a week and you’d finish your degree in 15 years instead of 3. You may not have time on a bus to speak to every individual you need to – the next stop could be theirs.The solution is to stand and share for Jesus! You may be led by the Spirit to speak to a couple of individuals. Go for it. If you feel the need to speak to multiple people, then get up and share the Word. It won’t hurt.

A simple way of rounding it all up – the advantage of bus preaching is every English-speaking person can hear it, and can be saved. The disadvantage is that you may not get to engage people personally. However, in my experience that can be overcome masterfully.

Picture this: a pastor preaches to his church every Sunday and Thursday. He preaches with anointing and ministers the spirit of God during his sermon. So, when does the pastor have time to engage with his church members? Answer: after the sermon. Some who say that bus preaching isn’t effective don’t remember that you can speak with people personally like after you’ve delivered your message. It is vital that you connect to people personally. In the case of bus evangelism, do it AFTER you have preached.

If you speak to people after your bus preaching one-on-one, then you are making up for the disadvantages. You will be attempting to engage someone on public level, and then a personal one – a pulpit ministry and a shepherdorial ministry. Then the real talk can commence – you can speak to them about their sins, they can ask you burning questions, etc. At this stage, you can take their phone number and invite them to your church so that this new life for Jesus doesn’t end on that bus, but you can speak to them again.

As time might be short after preaching a message to speaking to individuals so you might wonder who should you speak to? Well, this is one-on-one evangelism time! Speak to anyone who looks like they want more. Speak to people who looked interested during your message. If they prayed to give their life to Christ with you, definitely speak to them and take their number. Above all, follow the direction of the Holy Spirit. If a person doesn’t want to speak to you, fair game – at least they heard the gospel from your mass preaching.

How To Preach on Buses in 4 Easy Steps

Where are you going? Heaven or hell?

You can preach on public transport anyhow you want to, but this is my method. It is not the definitive guide to bus preaching, and it’s not flawless – it’s just the way I’ve been doing it for a little while. If you’re having trouble finding out what you need to say, I hope you find my recipe tasty. 😀 You can try it and see what Jesus does through you!

  1. I encourage myself to stand up, and then I stand up! I stand as far as I can in front of the people, leaving 2 or 3 rows at the front. Prepare your voice well when you speak – talk loudly without shouting – so that the whole bus can hear the Word. Be bold and courageous. If you’re with Christian friends, you are blessed because 2 are better than one. (Ecclesiastes 4:9) If you feel you’re going to be nervous, just go for it and remember that your friend has your back covered. If you’re alone, Matthew 28:20 (below) encourages me. When you preach, Jesus Himself is with you all the way! You have nothing to fear brother or sister, Jesus is on your side, so be strong in the Lord! (Ephesians 6:10)

    …and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
    Matthew 28:20

  2. I share the gospel message.  To be more specific:
    • I clap my hands to get everyone’s attention
    • I greet everyone with a warm hello, and ‘good morning/afternoon/evening’ (depending on the time)
    • I preach three points from the Word for about 2 to 5 minutes

    I decide which scripture to use by ‘points’. In my mind, points are easy-to-remember bites of the Word of God that are quick and easy to understand. It must be based on a scripture I can quote, and it concludes on the fact that Jesus is Lord, and you can be saved by Him.

    The points have to be easy to understand, but also they have to be FAST. Your bus evangelism to be sharp and to the point. Unexpected things can cut off your message quickly; you can’t afford to be in the middle of a 10 minute explanation about oil when the 3/4 of the bus evacuates. People get off buses almost every stop, but if you can give them a good point from the Word of God in 1 minute, just a sentence from the holy scriptures can be their transforming point.

    I usually start my bus evangelism asking ‘Where are you going? I don’t mean are you going home or to work, but where are you going when you pass on? Heaven or hell?’ (Pastor William Sasu and Reverend Michael Amoh helped me develop that.) As a result, my first point scripture is always John 14:6 because it answers the question. Jesus says He is the way, truth, and life and no-one comes to God except through Him? If I don’t believe in Jesus then I don’t have truth, or life, and He is the only way to God. It’s that simple. Muslims may oppose you openly trying to prove Jesus was a prophet, or atheists may try to diffuse God’s existance, but John 14:6 comfortably shuts down people’s arguments for me. (I have more to say in a later section called Problems.)

    When I give a point, I quote a scripture, then I give a brief explanation from my own life. For example, Romans 6:23 says the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. I recieve gifts on my birthday from loved ones, because they love me. Well, God gave us a gift better than any birthday or Christmas present, better than any BlackBerry or iPhone – He gave us a free chance to go to heaven through Jesus Christ. See what I did there? Develop your own ways of explaining the Word of God to people and they will remember it.

    If we write it all down, an example from my bus ‘sermon’ can look like this:

    • Where are you going?
    • 1st point: John 14:6, brief explanation
    • 2nd point: Romans 6:23, brief explanation
    • 3rd point: John 3:16, brief explanation
    • Conclusion, prayer

    Build yourself an arsenal of powerful evangelistic scriptures. They should answer common questions that people ask about God and show that Jesus is the only way. Scriptures I make use of (with examples) include Acts 4:12, Romans 3:23, Matthew 6:19, Mark 8:36 and James 4:8. Depending on what I feel must be said, I include or swap the scriptures – for example, if I want to tell you that no-one’s perfect and we need Jesus to save us, I’ll use Romans 3:23 and 6:23 instead of John 3:16. If I want to encourage you to think about eternity and not just gathering things on earth, I’ll quote Mark 8:36. Whatever I am led to use, I will always use John 14:6 and the ‘Where Are You Going?’ question as my beginning.

  3. I give people a practical method to seek Jesus and give their lives to Him.After I’ve delivered my message, I will give the listeners an practical chance to be saved and seek more of Jesus.I always, ALWAYS give people a practical list of a few things they can do to seek more of Jesus, with three methods of finding more about Jesus: the internet, a Christian friend, and a Bible-believing church. People need to understand how easy it is to find good information on Christ and avoid hell.

    I will say something like, ‘There are many ways you can seek to know more about Jesus Christ. Firstly, the internet is used for news, sports, email, and downloading TV shows from the United States – so you can use the internet to find out more about Jesus. You can speak to a Christian friend of yours who can tell you more about Jesus – thats how I became saved. You can visit a Bible-believing church! I go to a wonderful church called Lighthouse Chapel International in Battersea. (At this point, I will offer to give people tracts with the address and phone number of my church.) However you will, please seek the Lord and assure yourself of a place in heaven. Jesus Christ is the difference between heaven and hell!’I may also give an ‘altar call’ there and then, asking the people on the bus if they’d like to give their lives to Christ at that moment, and then lead them in a ‘sinner’s prayer’ – a prayer to repent and be born again. Leading people in a prayer on a bus should be done tactfully. Why? Well, if you pray and nobody FOLLOWS your prayer aloud, you might look like a goof. It may make you nervous too. I only lead people in prayer on a bus when I know someone is going to follow. If you have a Christian friend with you, have them follow your prayer out loud so others can follow the example.On the other side, you may be able to see in people’s faces that they want more of Jesus. Some will be smiling, some may be weeping, some may be visibily convicted and want to be saved. This is a cue for you: lead them in a soul-saving prayer. Maybe something like: ‘Lord Jesus, thank you for your love and thank you dying for me. I am a sinner, but I believe in you and I want to be born again. Please wash me with your blood, and cleanse me from my sin. Help me to be transformed, and please write my name in your book of life. I will serve you all the days of my life, in the name of Jesus.’


  4. I sit down, and follow up can begin. Sometimes you can sit down and not speak to anyone. Let everyone dwell on the message you’ve delivered. Other times, people will be very touched and blessed, but specific people need more from you. Now’s the time to speak to them personally. Ask them what they thought, whether they believe in Christ. Most importantly, let them speak to you about their problems and experiences. Everyone has problems, and if they want to share it with the bus preacher, it may be a sign of their increased faith.Perhaps more importantly, take or give a contact detail that will let you stay in touch.Take their phone number (and call them immediately to make sure it’s the correct number). Take their BlackBerry pin if they have one. Add them on Facebook if possible. However you do it, establish a connection with the person. Long after you’ve preached to them, you can converse with them, encourage them with scriptures, perhaps even meet up lead them to your church.Leave anyone you speak to personally with a Christian tract with the address and phone number of your church. Write your phone number down as well, so they know where to call when they really want more of God. One day they’ll call you!

Avoid these things at all costs when you preach on public transport:

  • Swearing. Try to incorporate casual slang words to be more down to earth, but do not swear for any reason. Your image is weakened drastically when you swear. People are looking for reasons to trash serious Christians, don’t give them any more!
  • Discussing sex. Sometimes there are small children on your bus. As good of an example fornication may be, not many parents appreciate sex talk around their kids. Also, sex is a often a private part of people’s daily lives. On the mention of it you can appear to be perverted and some people will dismiss you in their minds immediately. Find different things to talk about.
  • Wearing provocative clothing. Make sure you’re dressed decently. Ladies, men are sexually aroused by the eyes. If you stand on a bus to preach with a big cleavage or a tight shirt, men will tune out of your words and into your body. Brothers, no-one needs to see your underwear or your inappropriate clothing – look decent for the Lord.

As I stated already, this is not a flawless method. I don’t follow it rigidly, as not every situation is the same. You can switch things up, add things, take away things – be led by the Spirit and use your own mind. I’m sure you can put together a better message than me.

Are you getting on a train, tram or bus today? Stand up and give Jesus a shot! Try my easy to follow steps. Think about what scriptures you will use and an exciting window you can talk about. Be prepared to be shamed and persecuted, but thrilled, fulfilled and eternally rewarded for Jesus.

Next time in part 2, I’ll talk about dealing with interruptions, how to follow up on souls, and more.

Update 13/08/2012: Click here to read part 2, ready and complete with a video demonstration!

I’d love to hear if you use the guide, or if you enjoyed reading, or any questions or criticisms you have – feel free to leave a comment below or on any of my Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube pages. I sincerely hope you are motivated and blessed by these writings in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 🙂

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