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My birthday was last week but just wanted to share this message from Jonathan… Bible says a friend loveth at all times (Proverbs 17:17). From school, to church, to uni, relationships, to ministry, we’ve been through it all and if it ended tomorrow, I would thank God. But that canned possum be gived (inside joke)… Here’s to you Jon! :mrgreen:

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Inset:- Featuring Richard Walker (Left) and Jonathan Ekwuruke (Right). Inset:- Featuring Richard Walker (Left) and Jonathan Ekwuruke (Right).

How do you define 14 years of friendship? 14…, 2 x…7? How do you summarize the high and lows, or scale the ups and downs of that journey?

I am writing about one of only two people who almost brought me to tears on my wedding day; yes they almost made me cry (that’s no easy feat)!
Over the years this person has added a great deal to me which is rare, forming a large part of who I am today. My first guitar teacher, making him largely responsible for much of the musical knowledge I have. The co-writer of many songs and co-conspirator of many schemes; not to mention part of the dynamic duo which forms The Grapes. An advisor on matters of technology and social media, someone who introduced me to the Cheese Ploughman’s sandwich, someone whose ‘crippling constancy’…

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Posted 25th May 2015 by ukrichardwalker in Blog, My Thoughts

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