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I’m a big time reflector and self-evaluator, so this blog that I’m reposting was really relative to me. The Bible says let us examine and probe our ways (Lamentations 3:40), and mentions self-examination from time-to-time… May we always judge ourselves so we won’t need to be judged. 🙂 Enjoy!

Soul and Psyche

|sankɔfa| Akan. go back and get it.

My life has been very amorphous in the past few months.

I graduated from university last spring. After four years of assignments, midterms, finals, lab reports, tears, midterms, all-nighters in the library and the couch, and more midterms and finals, I was finally getting my first real degree. Although I was not graduating with my ideal GPA (shout-out to Organic Chemistry and Physics), I was quite proud of myself and what I’d accomplished. It was all very exciting and nerve-wracking. (Probably 70% nerve-wracking and 30% exciting).

“What next? Where do we go from here?? What am I doing with the rest of my life???”

Initially I would get very anxious and annoyed when people would ask, “So, what are you doing next?” I just graduated from university can we just focus on that?!  It turns out that’s THE question to ask…

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Posted 27th April 2015 by ukrichardwalker in Blog

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