A Young Preacher Dies While On Evangelism   5 comments

A picture of Richard Walker holding the cross in a London street.

Me on evangelism in 2010. I pray this is an image that never changes.

This is a message I got from a friend during last week:

Just got a call from my mum in Ghana…it’s about a young man that my mum knows (26yrs old). He just died on Sunday.

He was found dead in the middle of the road with his bible and his speaker & mic in his hand. He was preaching the gospel and collapsed dead.

When my mum got to the hospital after hearing his speaker/mix was still on.

Hearing this…the fear of the Lord came upon me…It is a real wake up call for me.

Let us do all we can to continue preaching as I’m sure we all do.

May God’s mercy be with you.

All I can add is that this could easily be me. What will I be found doing when it’s my time to go?

May God give us all grace to keep spreading His love and His great gospel.

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5 responses to “A Young Preacher Dies While On Evangelism

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  1. God bless you brother

  2. More grace to always be found doing the will of the father; May the zeal for His house consume us

  3. wow ! Thanks for this Evangelist Richard !

  4. tragic

  5. Wow

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