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Cover of Battlefield of the Mind. Your mind really is a game of chess against Satan...

Cover of Battlefield of the Mind. Your mind really is a game of chess against Satan…

For a melancholic man like me,  Joyce Meyer’s great book Battlefield of the Mind has truly changed my life and motivated me after a long time of recommendation. I now recommend it to you my brothers and sister in Christ! It has been the ‘Book of the Moment’ on my blog for the last few weeks, and before we move on to another book here’s an assortment of my favourite lines from this incredible piece of literary…

Don’t ever give up, because little by little you are changing.

Don’t let the enemy speak to you and tell you that you are not advancing in your Christian walk! Even a little movement is still movement. Little by little, you and me are changing into God’s image. Don’t stop now. 🙂

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.

Let that soak in…

One of your weapons is prayer (asking). You can’t overcome your situation by prayer alone.

You do need to be determined, but determined in the Holy Spirit, not in the effort of your own flesh. The Holy Spirit is your helper – seek His help. Lean on Him.

The Holy Spirit is truly our help to overcome what needs to be overcome in our lives.  Whatever it is, it simply can’t be done without the Spirit of God… Zechariah 4:6

…The Bible teaches us there is no such thing as real peace until we are delivered from the need to compete with others.

How true it is… if we compare our progress to someone else’s, we will always be totally unhappy and ungrateful for what progress God HAS made in us.

What God does for you may not be what he does for someone else.

A simple reality that I say to myself frequently now to avoid comparing myself to others.

It is important for God to arrange our circumstances in such a way that we eventually have to face ourselves.

I thank God for the mountains and valleys in my life now, because now I see that they were allowed to happen so that God could make me ‘meet myself’. Only now I see how much I really need Him in every area of my life, more than anything else on this earth…

There are so many, MANY powerful quotes. For any believer struggling in their mind, struggling with bouts of depression, struggling with self identity or similar things… This is book is a must have for you. Buy one for you and one for your bathroom – you will not be able to put it down!

You can purchase Battlefield of the Mind and many other best-selling Joyce Meyer books at:





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