Download 8 Classic Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Messages NOW!   52 comments

Bishop Dag at the First Love Church, Christmas 2013.

Bishop Dag at the First Love Church, Christmas 2013.

As mentioned on the latest episode of the Richie Rich Show, I want to offer you 8 of my favourite sermons by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills! Just scroll down, and click the links below these paragraphs to download these messages. Bishop Dag is the presiding bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International, and my favourite preacher. You will love these messages! 😉

In the past I have offered messages from Bishop Dag on different occassions. Those same messages are here, and I have added a few more of my favourites. These messages are extremely powerful and have changed my life, for example, the message on reading has changed my stance on reading over the years. Listen to these sermons repeatedly, soak them in, and the Word of God will immensely renew your mind.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :mrgreen:

Download Sermons

For PC, Mac, and Android users, click on the sermon you want, and then click the blue Download button to download directly to your device.

For iPad and iPhone users, you need a free Dropbox account (click here to sign up or log in). Click on the sermon you want, and then select the Save to My Dropbox button.

If you are having any problems, please leave a comment for me below.

3 Things the New Creation Must Do – 2008 – LCI Qodesh

A Year of Reading – 2010 – LCI London Aparche

Choices – 7 Types of Women You Should Not Marry – 2009 – LCI Qodesh

Fire Warnings – 2007 – LCI Qodesh

My First Hour in the Promised Land – 2012 – LCI First Love Church

Prayer – 2008 – LCI Qodesh

Retention Evangelism – 2010 – Interfellowship Global Ministries

The Overcomers – 2007 – LCI Qodesh


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52 responses to “Download 8 Classic Bishop Dag Heward-Mills Messages NOW!

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  1. Bishop God blessed you and may he always guide you in all that you are doing for him .
    I got save through the sending I am from Ghana ( Akatsi in the v /R)
    Dag thank you for your work in the of God.

  2. please help me download papa Dag’s message

  3. Please i want your message that was translated into french

  4. God Bless you Pastor Dag Can’t wait for 19-21.01.17 Soweto

  5. Bishop God blessed you and may He always guide you in all that you are doing for him.
    i got save through the sending of missionaries even though i am from ghana

  6. Bishop Dag’s messages are the best. God bless u fr d msgs. Am really blessed

  7. obiorah am in L C I

  8. Please,I want the sermon preached by Bishop Dag Heward Mills on Sunday,17th June,2012,exactly 4 years ago at Odorgonno Senior High School (A program dubbed the Carnival of Stars ).Could you send it to me please?

  9. Woow ls powerful

    Rachared Etsey Rachared
  10. God bless you and strengthen you

  11. I like this message’s of DADY

    Frank Nana Agyemang
  12. i love all your messages.

  13. your name will forever be mention.may God bless you.

  14. thank you so much bishop dag for the great work you are doing for God and HIS are such a blessing to this generation.i see you as God speaking to me always because the last time you were preaching at manpong campus about the wonder of the lay ministry .God told me that i should not see you as any person but i should see you as jesus christ talking to me.

  15. I love listening to u

  16. papa you awesome

  17. I like u paaaa

  18. bishop dag, may u live longer, may u never lack anything n dis world, u are a such a father to dis nation, am so blessed to be lighteetion

  19. please may I get to know the good news

  20. Ass

  21. I like Jesus

  22. Please do well to include windows phone users to your options yeah

  23. I need thy message from BISHOP DAG

  24. Hi, pastor i like that of ye,best among the rest,i need thy message Bishop DAG

  25. Hi, pastor i like that of ye,best among the rest

  26. Please I need messages by Bishop Dag .

  27. am forever blesse with dis massage

  28. I’m looking for this message ”A SPIDER IN KINGS PALACE CAN ANYONE HELP

  29. Father I really luv ur preaching n want to meet u .
    Father I need ur help for I am sick n need to b healed to get One day in ma life.

  30. I love my father Dag Hewardmils

  31. Bishop I now realize that you are a gift to mankind

  32. i wont to be your friend i go to church on lighthous chaple international plz my name is Amponsah Richard. plz i need your help i need your contect . plz this is my contect 0245166298 may god blees u.

  33. Bishop God bless you for the good works

  34. pls tell me how to download the messages

  35. love u sooooo much thank for the masseage on tithing God richly bless u and ur family so much

  36. Bishop how do I truely move away from secular affairs and respond to the call of God on my life?

  37. thank you Bishop for the message

  38. God bless you bishop

  39. I love my Bishop more then anything, as for the machaneh its too wild

  40. Just sent you my 3 favourite powerful messages by Reverend Joe Adjei, via the email you provided. 🙂 (Which was info@k*ecek.c*m.) Hope you are blessed and changed by them!

  41. Ok. Thank you.

  42. I do have some Reverend Joe messages 🙂 I will share some with you by the email you provided.

  43. Loving the messages, really great teachings. Have you got any of Rev Joe’s messages. Thanks

  44. There is nothing like receiving from someone like presiding Bishop whose understanding of the word and the love of God is extral ordinary! I am always grateful to God for given such a person to my generation! He is amazing father for all his children!

  45. Sins will not be REMEMBERED! Remembrance suggests the past which implies after God has put His laws in our hearts and minds we MUST get PAST our sins and lawless deeds like not regularly coming to Church and skipping shepherds meetings! 2015 God will remember these NO MORE!


    Yobe state in Nigeria is boiling now. Churches are being burnt, many christians killed. Please pray even if its 5mins and forward to other people of Faith for intercession.
    Don’t ignore.
    Cry to our God against those Islamic Terrorists. He’ll hear and heal our land, Nigeria!

    From CAN Abuja.

    Please send to at least 10 Christians to stand in the gap: God Bless you as you comply

  47. pls assist me to download papa Dag’s messages because am unable

    Nana kwabena Amisah
  48. I’m unable to download any of bishop Dag Heward Mills messages pls assist in this regard

  49. It’s Powerful

  50. Thank you so much, I was able to download all the eight messages successfully.
    God richly bless you.

  51. Hi 🙂 The messages have been tested and are working. It could be your connection – please retry downloading. Blessings!

  52. Please I cannot download any of your messages

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