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My book of the month for November is Bishop Dag Heward-Mills’ epic, the Art of Leadership. Here is a selection of power packed quotes from probably my favourite book in the whole world. This book will change your approach to your life – from your schooling to your family to your walk the Lord. It’s changed mine!

Note: there are 2 editions of the Art of Leadership, with differing chapter numbers. I am using the first edition. (The one with the red cover.)

Discontentment is an evil spirit that needs to be dealt with.

Whenever people focus on what others have, they become discontented. – AOL 88, Watch Out for Discontentment and Deal With It Decisively

I was a pastor when I was a medical student. I made sure that I did well in all my exams. I made sure that I had no problems with school. Leadership begins by bringing your domestic affairs under control. – AOL 70, Gain Control of Your Domestic Life

Decide to be a man of conviction. Conviction of what you may ask? Have a conviction about the things God has called you. Have a conviction about the things you are supposed to accomplish in your lifetime. Have a conviction about the things that God has told you. Live by these convictions! Be prepared to give up anything so that you can fulfil your conviction. – Chapter 6, Do Not Be a Lifeless Leader. Have a Conviction!

Many people cannot take decisions. Only real leaders face up to realities and take important decisions. – Chapter 38, Be Decisive! It is the Greatest Attribute of a Leader

You must first control yourself before you try to control others. A leader must to learn to control and direct his natural desire for carnal things. If this carnal instinct is left unchecked, a person will discover that he can lead no one. – Chapter 119, Control Your Carnal Instincts

Be yourself. When a young man proposes marriage to a young ladt he is trying to get her to follow him. The proposal must come from the bottom of your heart. I did not read a speech to my wife when I proposed to her. The most successful leaders are those who are real. – Chapter 74, Get People to Follow You Somewhere

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