Dag Heward-Mills messages for Founder’s Day!   4 comments

The founder of LCI, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.

Update 03/06/2013: The download links should be fully working, at last!

Update 28/06/2012: Bishop Dag’s latest messages and teachings are available at his website, click here to go to it. They are free to to download, updated regularly and will definitely change your life!

Today, the 14th of May, is Bishop Dag Heward-Mills birthday! In Lighthouse Chapel International, we call this great occasion Founder’s Day. To celebrate Founder’s Day, I have uploaded some Bishop Dag Heward-Mills media for you! Three sermons, messages, preaching, whatever you want to call them.  (I call them messages.) I got them all from Bishop Dag’s website at one time or another.

Bishop Dag’s ministry has been a genuine, life-transforming blessing to me, and I hope it will continue to be to you. Enjoy!

Download Messages

Click on a message title to download it. If there are any problems, please leave a comment for me below.

3 Things the New Creation Must Do

Fire Warnings

Retention Evangelism


Posted 14th May 2011 by ukrichardwalker in Blog

4 responses to “Dag Heward-Mills messages for Founder’s Day!

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  1. wow brother you really encouraged me.all the way in LCI zimbabwe

  2. May the Love of God continue to shower us all the days of our journey.

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